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Robots Without Remote Control

Do you have any robot that can be programmed to operate without a computer or remote control


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EZ-B requires a computer to program the application, and must be connected to either a computer or Android or iOS device to run the program. You could certainly build an android or iOS device into a robot so that it is essentially independent, although for full features, building in a Windows computer will give more capability. ARC will run on small inexpensive windows tablets like the ACER W3 which is small enough to install in fairly small robots.



you can use robome or a mip from wowwee. they work and can be programmed with iphone 4 S and above.


@aldtron Welcome to the forums! To add what these guys are saying, check out this thread as there's a conversation happening about teaming up the ez-b with other microcontrollers. There is also an new R2D2 thread worth checking out.


@aldtron welcome! All the great robots are powered by real computers, not microcontrollers. The micro is great for returning sensor data or flashing leds - aka, things that the main processor shouldn't need to worry about. A computer and your mobile device run in the ghz speed with advanced CPU (processors). Where as micro controllers run in the low mhz range with very limited processing capabilities and low memory - they're not cut out for video processing, audio processing, or GUI feedback.

As jeremie mentioned, the ez-b likes to be teamed up with lower powered controllers, such as Arduino for doing routine small tasks.

When don't you have a phone in your pocket?:D We leverage the processing capability of your computer or mobile device to give your robot vision, audio and more.


or ,, hahha you could buy your robot a tablet or phone and duct tape it to you bot.hahha

Just kidding about the duct take but the rest is worth a thought.


Yeah also what Luis said - there's a kabillion arduino based wheeled robot kits out there if you're into that. It's just not us... We watch movies like iron man and are inspired for real robots. :)

Real robots require fast CPUs... Vroom! Vroom!

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Note the plural DJ used, CPUs... At least you need multiple CPUs if you want Iron Man inspired robots.

Keep an eye on topics regarding the Raspberry Pi 2 and Windows 10, hopefully it'll run ARC which will give you a $35 board which will control a robot and provide a fair amount of power behind it.

But as DJ and others said, and will say, you want a true autonomous robot which can detect your face, track movements, learn about it's owner and surrounding etc. etc. then you will need some pretty powerful hardware on the back end.

If you "only" want roaming, talking, dancing etc. then chuck a cheap android device in the robot.