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Robot Potential

Whenever I go into any store I am always looking for items that have could serve as cool pieces on a robot. "Robot potential" is what I call it. LOL. Lots of everyday items in stores have neat features that can be adapted for use. Why re-invent the wheel, so to speak?
Here is an idea...here is a thread where members are suggested to carry cameras when they go shopping and take pictures of items that may have robot potential. This may serve as inspiration to others for their robot designs. When you post the photo you can make a brief comment on where you saw it and what you think it might be good for or how it could be used on a bot to beautify it. If we pool our collective imaginations who knows what may happen....


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That is a great idea.
I have found items for my robot @ Ace Hardware and Radio shack.
If i find more, I will include camera shots.
Steve S
Wood is good!
(the only plastic on my bot are the servos, oh and the eyes) not that plastic is not good!:)
OMNIBOT 2000 up for bid on EBAY:

Moving Claw Toy Hand:

Toy Robot Hand

Note:The index finger is broke at the joint so that it does not grip as well as the others
I like the LED ring. It's much cheaper and smaller than the one I got at Robotshop.
It would be good for OMNI2000 eyes if they fit there.
Unless @DJ implements hardware control for those WS2812 LED's (wink wink), you won't be able to control them using ARC. They require very precise timing.