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I entered EZ-Face just now. I hope they accept it. If not maybe I should enter my 9pc lego robot, LOL
Step 1, put the square red lego block on the lego wheel



I'd love to enter mine... but sadly although i should have it fully assembled before the deadline i doubt i'll have an EZB board in time.


I would love to have that oscilloscope


Justin, I will vote for EZ-Face ! Steve S


Whatever inspires people to build a robot and display it is all good with me........but a raspberry pi as a prize?...too bad it wasn't a EZ-B V4!


@irobot58, I wouldn't doubt that one day EZB will be a prize in many contests of this type. Be sure to promote your project in as many robotics and mod/hack forums as you can. Also, dont forget to add tags to your YouTube videos. For example, robotics, robot, hack, mod, DIY, EZB, etc...


Great advice Troy! and a deadline is another good incentive to "focus and gitter dun":)


Well I would enter, but my robots are not alive yet, still needing the V4's to arrive :-{ We actually got some 50 degree weather today, so I took advantage and shot some primer today, I am anxious for the weather to get warmer so I can add color and clearcoat to my robots :-} But I would enter if my robots were alive :-} Hopefully that will be happening soon :-}


I'm entered! Just a simple collection of pics and a short description. It would take me weeks to do a full step by step. Here's the link if interested:

Instructables B9 Robot


Right on Dave! Great presentation and description. I am sure it will be on the short list and hoping it will be declared winner ! Be prepared for the deluge of comments and questions. If only B9 could be your secretary and take care of that. Of course there are other Forum entries so I hope EZ-B sweeps the "Podium" With all this excitement I am thinking about joining the "Bandwagon" with FRED. FRED's time machine will be ready soon and he can zip into the "Back to the Future" and find out who wins :)

EDIT: Forgot to mention.....with out B-9's skin your engineering looks like a freaking space probe!:D Next video I want to see you wearing white coveralls and a cap! On NASA's next mars mission(with people) B-9 will be there!


Arrrrgh! Justin! What the heck "not your pics"? So do they think they were lifted from some one's website? Can you resubmit with a different presentation? I so sorry to hear that mad


Try to re-submit with a rebuttal. That was funny!:D "DIY Dancing Robot"


Sorry about your rejection Justin. You should protest and resubmit. You deserve a shot at winning. You have an awesome offering here.

Glen , Thanks for the nice words. So far I've only gotten one comment on my project and all he did was comment on the home made crane I used to lower the torso. :D You should enter!


HAHA @dschulpius - Those were my comments. It was a cool crane. The pictures of the B9 in your basement really shows the scale of robot, he's huge! Have you driven him around on the motorized tracks?


I am protesting the rejection and I'll let you guys know what comes of it. Part of my protest might include submitting a dancing cupcake robot. :D

New Zealand

Hey Dave.... all the best with the entry on Instructables.... have a look at your text on line three of you description.

You've made a spilling mistook....

"...3 RZ Robot controllers..."

I know your attention to detail will drive you all the way back to the site to correct it!... LOL.

Wayne in NZ @Tameion


Wayne, Wow thanks for pointing that out. EZ Robots don't need me screwing up their free advertising. You seem to know me very well. I'm heading there right now to fix my mistake. BTW, your exposing your vocation. Only a teacher would spend there time correcting someone spelling errors. ;)

Justin, I had no idea that was you. :) . I don't have him motorized. He really has no where to go and I don't want him romping around the house. :D


Hey Dave your Instructable link works well to your B-9 entry ...but... I don't see it "featured" in the Robot contest section? There are currently 12 listed but not yours?!

New Zealand

Yes.... only a teacher .... glad you took the advice in the manner it was intended.... light hearted and focused on promoting EZ-Robot... Lol

Glad to share the passion for EZ-Robots and promote something that is worth promoting!


Glen , They said it would take a couple days to be checked and accepted. I may yet be bounced out if they don't like it. I expect they will let me know when I'm entered.


Dave They're probably checking for any spelling errors:D....... Heard on the PA system , will Dave S please come down to Principal tamieon's office! ;) Dave you have inspired me to enter FRED in the Instructable contest! Of course I will post here first for any edits!;)

p.s. I am serious about editing!:) Edit: @tameion ...."just a teacher" hardly! I have the utmost respect for teachers and wish I had become one! Teaching is the "noble" profession!


Funny enough, DJ and I both won prizes in an Instructables Robot contest a few years ago:)

I think that there was enough prizes that everyone who entered got something, it was pretty sweet, I think I received a book and an Instructables T-Shirt.

Edit - Found the link in the archives


@skater Very fun little fridge climbing bot project! and as long as he doesn't jump in when the fridge door is open! Does the little bug still exist and has it been modified since?


@irobot58 Well the little guy does still exist but I stole his servos for the EZ-mini project I had where I placed an EZ-mini robot on a white board with a whiteboard marker attached to it so it could draw while driving sideways:)


Well, I was just accepted into the contest. I also got a message that my B9 Robot was chosen to be a Feature Project in the Technology section. They say that's good thing. I'm honored. :)


Well deserved!....but really...... it should be entered in the Space probe section.... :) I am working like mad crazy on my recycled slap it together bot:) (Thanks for the inspiration Dave....AND......@Troy:) )


Good luck on your entry Glen! I will vote for yours if you vote for mine, haha


Already voted a heart beat or is that a ping!:)


Good luck to you both!


Thanks Troy , but really for me its more of a dead line thing then any recognition or prize:) to enter. Hopefully you have been getting some good productive hours in with your project!


Not so much on mine. I updated my thread so I don't hijack this one.:)


Thank you Troy and thank you Dave S! I have entered the Instructables Robot contest......Here's the link please check it out for any errors or faux pas!:D
FRED and Instructables

I am sure I will "enjoy" many edits to the entry....:) I think I am the 35 entry . At the moment its being "considered" for publishing/entering. It is not fully complete by any means but there's still 5 weeks left to get in a video!


No problem.:D I really want to see one of our community members win this! Good luck all!


I was going to rush to get mine finished in time to enter but since i won't have an EZ-B in time i guess I'll have to wait till next year if they make it annual. someone from this community should absolutely win.. our bots are the best hands down.


I know instruct ables like simple stuff so maybe I could do squeegee.


FRED is posted! Instructables have accepted my entry at this link EZ-Robot controlled Steampunk demiDroid

That now makes 2 EZ-Robot entries ....16 more and EZ-Robot will sweep the podium:) @Kullthulu...I am sorry your bot is without an EZ-B stress ! and unable to make a contest entry...Have you posted any progress pics? Forgive me if you have....


I saw it and voted! Nice, I love the eyes and the Jewels Vern time machine twist.


Thanks Dave! The Time machine is not quite done yet, I am still making the "book" which will have a compartment for a slide out cd player to hold a mirror or anything else.


Very old school with the wood and metal - awesome steampunk look! Now there are 3 of us in this, my EZ-Face they finally allowed in after 3 tries! :D


Good Luck to all of you. I won't enter at this time because Sunshine is still paraplegic. But, good luck to you guys!;)