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Robot Combat League Winner!

Congratulations to Dave Shinsel and his daughter on winning the $100,000 dollar prize on Syfy's Robot Combat League with their robot named "CRASH".


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United Kingdom
I haven't watched it since about the 2nd episode, I guess they got better at it because they did suck at the start...
Congrats to Dave. $100K will build a lot of robots - or pay for a good chuck of college:)

Totally awesome fight, both arms broken in one round, the weapon was a joke. and Crash still kicked A$$.
Giant rockem sockem robots lol, I only watched three episodes , congrats for sure!
The season finale was awesome. You should watch it if they rerun it.
Awesome ending. Congrats to Dave and his daughter ( even tho they won about a year ago, that's a hard secret to keep lol)
@Rich- Ditto. I'm in the exact same boat. It's awesome that those 2 won. How epic.
I watched the show. Interesting. I would like to know.... what caused all the sparking? and why did it not completely shut the robot down? Were these sparks somehow staged for more excitement? Chris
Yes, staged to let the audience know when there was a solid hit, but purely special effects. I think season 2 will have a different format.
I would like to see them move on their own without a giant "training wheel" stand and tether right behind it. It could be two, four or six legs or even wheels and tracks. Give them good weapons like a chainsaw , circular saw, jaws of life or something. It doesnt need to be over the top just Draw first blood the first two rounds and then the third is fight to the finish... till the robot cant defend itself or time runs out.
Big thumbs up on Josh's idea!
I've always been curious as to if those bots would stand without the stand. Anyone know the answer to that?