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My project has one servo with min and max values set
then I switch to RoboScratch and would like to create a loop
is this possible


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No, use robo scratch for learning to program and creating linear execution blocks.

If you want to create a loop, use ezscript and type....



# move servo to position 50 degrees
Servo(d2, 50)

# wait some time for servo to move

# move servo to position 100 degrees
Servo(d2, 100)

# wait some time for servo to move

# go to the loop start marker
Are there any plans to implement more of Scratch 2.0 functionality (i.e. loops, conditional statements, etc.) in RoboScratch in the near future?
My kid is somewhat proficient in Scratch, but text-based programming is beyond his grasp so far. And it's difficult to teach him robot programming without basic constructs.
IMHO having some flavor of Scratch (similar to mBlock, maybe) working with EZ robots would certainly expand their application in STEM.
Sorry, my bad.
Won't do it again.