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Has anyone tried this method for removing the yellowing of plastics? Any success stories or disasters? I have an Omnibot I want to clean up but leave original (at least externally) but he is very yellow and very grubby.


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Jstarne has tried it on his bots and the photos I had seen were very promising. I tried it also with a bit different recipe and I have to say, wow - it was very promising. I only brighted one arm and the head - but as I said, it works. i cant say what it looks like with an entire bot - thing is, you need lots of sun light - so this time of year might be the wrong time, better wait until spring, because the sun really does make a difference with this!
I remember this products discussed a while back and I thought it was him that did his own recipe. I may be wrong. Did you search the forums on it?
Found it here.
Thread link.
Yes retrobrite method I tried twice with poor results and pitted the surface of some plastic. I used my own formula with 40 volume developer for hair lightening and powdered peroxide. Mix together to make a wet paste. It needs to be thin enough to see through so light gets to the surface. Follow the thread and directions troy linked you to and you will have before and after results like this...
User-inserted image

Heat doesn't matter so much as uv light.
A regular omnibot before and after
User-inserted image

User-inserted image
United Kingdom
@Troy, I thought I searched but I guess I must have done something wrong as nothing came up (in my defence it was very late). It does now when I search so can only assume I had lazy fingers and typed it totally wrong.

Thanks for the links & answers.
No problem. I had to search for it myself. I knew he used a form of hydrogen peroxide so I searched for that thinking there would be only a few hits on the threads.
Yeah I know what ya mean about being late and tired. lol you saw that other topic I did on Auto Position settings. It was late for me. I didn't reply back because it didn't deserve the bump, hehe
I tried the retrobright and it worked great,but i guess it depends what recipe you use,since there are a few
ALSO tried JOSH idea and seem to work too,one day hope to compare both of them