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Just curious if the release is still gonna happen? been chomping at the bit to get the micro size ez board!?


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@giga the release on the Mini board has never been given a firm date, from what I read DJ is still sorting out production so that costs will be close to those of the standard sized EZ-B.

I guess the makerbot crapped out again and threw off the release of the Revolution?
I've never experienced such frustration with a machine I've never even touched. Fakerbot.
This is all pretty lame if you ask me
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What is?
delays and is there a link for the mini board because I was just going off what DJ said at the open hous a few days ago
I believe the best quote in regards to that is "... keeps China in line.";)
sooooo anything?
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@giga anything what? Care to elaborate on that?
I thought the revolution was all new stuff to buy like the hexapod and the like are am I to dumb to get this
Guess I thought it was more then just software
Giga, sorry. What can I do to help your confusion?
Well when I watched your open house video, you had the hexapod and the biped and you said the small ez board was the current board. I assumed they were all coming out out with the revolution. Don't get me wrong the software looks great but I was hoping for all the cool stuff to come out like that hexapod? Is that just other stuff gonna come out when it come out, or is there a date. Don't mean to sound rude but I think I misunderstood and got my hopes up.
I can help you with those questions..

1) EZ-B v3 Mini will be available mid July

2a) Hexapod (and others) are currently available to 3D Printer owners by loading ARC -> Open -> Examples -> Hexapod. Answer Yes to downloading the EZ-Bits and syncing. Next, answer Yes to viewing the assembly instructions. Each EZ-Bit has a (I) button within the details on the side panel. Pressing the (I) button gives you access to printing the 3D Parts

2b) Hexapod (and others) will be available for purchase when manufacturing is complete. Manufacturing of plastic components takes a great deal of time.

2c) Hexapod (and others) will be 3D Printable using our Community Print option. This option will be available shortly - as we continue to work on it:)

The buttons for purchase, 3D Print and community print are all within the ARC software. Certain buttons will state "Coming Soon". This means that particular feature does not currently exist - it will eventually exist and we are working on it. The "Coming Soon" placeholder is a stub for the feature when it is completed. While we continue to create the features, we will use Stubs until it is ready for the public.

As an example, this is a screenshot of a Coming Soon stub for a feature. We include the last updated date of the placeholder so you know what we are currently working on. On www.ez-robot.com, any text that is blue will be clickable. In the sample image, there are a few links that are blue. If you click one of those links, you will receive more information on that topic. Clicking on Revolution will bring you to the Revolution intro page. That page contains an overview of the Beta Release of EZ-Robot Revolution.
User-inserted image

Let me know if there anything else I can help you with?:D There are no dumb questions
Well that seems to answer everything, just curious did the new software bump the resolution for servos?
Giga, the EZ-B v4 will increase the resolution of the servos - there is no expected release date of the v4 just yet.

The servo resolution on the EZ-B v3 is dependent on processing speed. The EZ-B v3 does so much, that it is to the maximum potential. The resolution of 100 points is quite good, considering servos can barely do much more. Additionally, other controllers that promote more positions are not accurate - as they usually do less positions than EZ-B but accept a higher number. We're simply honest about our features:)

If your servo resolution is troubling due to using the Auto Position Control... Then I would recommend hovering over the question marks to learn what the servo Steps and Interval values really mean. Also, smoothing the servo movement by using ServoSpeed() is always a good idea. There are many references throughout projects and the forum to help you with ServoSpeed()

Hope that helps!
Ok that explains it a little better because I'm building the metal gear rex from the original metal gear solid and I just bought 12 hitec 7955 servo from servo city and just want to get smooth motion out of it. I more into the mechanical( mechanical engineer) then programming, hence why your product is so attractive to me. When the v4 board does come out will I be able to just swap out the v3 for the v4? Also sorry for being such a block head have long hours at work and my wife due date for out first baby is in 2 days! So I'm a little stressed and tired *blush*
Rich has seemed to create a name for himself on the forum as guru! Replaced me:) as for using servospeed(), it will help a great deal! I like your project idea - looking forward to seeing it!

Also, happy to hear about your wife! That is exciting news:)
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Dude, I could never replace you (but wow what a compliment!)

But as DJ said, if you have questions just ask and I'm usually around to answer them:)