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There's a living room where the work area was. Now how am I suppose to see who's working:P

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Cubicals? More TPS reports?

User-inserted image

Musical Chairs? The Chair room? Is that where furniture goes to die...lined up facing a firing squad? ;)

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Haha, the chair graveyard is funny. I think anyone who's worked at an office knows of chair graveyards. Not sure who decided that was where all the chairs go, but it does make me laugh
Hahaha! TPS reports, nice.

We moved the work area back closer to the EZ-Robot wall. DJ and myself still work up-front and Aislinn works on the front counter to answers any questions walk-ins have. We made the changes to make the front space more inviting as a retail location.

The back is interesting... We somehow inherited a ton of chairs from other companies in the same building as us and didn't have anywhere to put them. Like you said, maybe musical chairs? Haha
Maybe you guys can have a EZ Chair garage sale? I do need a new chair, mine is falling apart...:D
Alan makes me do all the TPS reports :-(
I'd tell him, "Ummmmmm, No, those TPS reports are gonna be problem, Um K." lol
Then gut a fish on your desk and knock down the cubicle walls...
@d.cochran it's comments like that that make me wish posts had a "Like" button:)
Chairs? Wheels? And you are EZ-Robot? Make some chairbots