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Red Button In Auto Position

Hi guys,

I just updated my ARC recently and noticed a red button in my auto-position window. It's a great tool but what is it called? And how do I implement in my mobile interface.

Also, is it possible to implement scripts we have made into the mobile interface? I have tried putting scripts into button functions but nothing works...

Thanks in advance!


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if you click on a button you can change the name top left or color or ad a script below.

save it in cloud,gif it a name you know its last made.remove the old one from cell phone and download new one. the red button not sure but it looks like the power goes off the servo's

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The name of the red button on the Auto Position interface is called "Servo Panic Release".

I don't think there is a way to add this to a mobile interface control yet, as there is not a Cheat Sheet command for it. But you could add a button to your mobile interface and add the following script...


which will do the same thing as the servo Panic release button.

It is possible to implement scripts to the mobile interface as that is the main idea of the control. Have you read the tutorial and watched the video at the bottom of the tutorial page, as this explains how to use the mobile builder interface. But as a brief example...

  1. Click on the gear icon on the mobile builder interface.

  2. Scroll down the menu in the left of the control, and click on "ABC button"

  3. Now click on the button, and in the right of mobile builder, click on "Edit Script".

  4. Write your script here (or add Cheat Sheet commands to scripts you already have in your project). Then click "Save" to save the script.

  5. On the bottom left of the mobile builder interface, click on "Save" to save all the changes made.

  6. You can now test this scripted button on your PC. (NOTE: Depending on the script you added, you may need your EZ-B connected to your ARC project to test your script. For example, if your script moves servos ect.) Once your happy it works as it should, save your project to the Cloud.

  7. Once you download and connect to your project mobile app with the latest changes on your mobile device, test your newly scripted button again.

I hope that helps and gets you up and running. ;)


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There are ? (question marks) next to the X (Close) on all controls. Press that button (?) question mark, for help or information about that control. The Mobile Interface control has a video that walks you through every step of making an app. It's a good idea to start there :)


Thanks guys for all the input!