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I often take my grandsons to the movies as a way to do things with grandpa, as it lets me just sit on my butt and get a rest from playing with them. I heard Will Huff, one of our family members here at EZ Forum, talk about a new movie he has been working on lately. Did a little research on it and thought everyone here might like to know Will is one heck of a special effects makeup artist. If we know it or not I would have to bet we have all seen his work but probably unaware of it. Below is a link to some of his work and achievements. I bet many of you will be surprised by what you will read also. Nice work Will.

Oh, and if some of you think I am posting this only to get a cut rate on his new robotic head then shame on you ... :)


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WoW, Will is a very talented and busy man !

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Wow, I had no idea. It was interesting to go through the list of movies Will has been involved in, some of which I really like. Nice find @Herr Ball. Will, if you're reading this, you certainly have a talent there my friend, which not only shows in the movies you have worked on, but the "Alan"'head design too. I can imagine at times, the job you do can be hard work at times, but I bet you enjoy it though.


I am particularly happy to see that he was involved in my very favorite television series of all time, Babylon 5.



I might have spied on will's IMDb page this summer as well. Was curious what his role in that industry was and voila, real cool stuff! He's a pretty awesome dude to have on our team :)


Holy crap guys, been away working on reshoots for the kickstarter video and just saw this thread. Yes it certainly has been a longggggggg 25 year career. Thanks for noticing :)

Babylon 5 was at the very start of my LA career. While working on Babylon 5, I actually did make up for a bit on Billy Mumy, who played Will on Lost In Space, my favorite show when I was a kid. That was a dream come true as Billy would recount some great stories.

That put me on the path for building my own B9 robot, and getting involved on the B9 Builders Club for the past 13 years. A post on that forum, brought me here, years ago, introduced me to the EZB and inspired me to build ALAN. What an interesting arc, huh?

I'm happy to be a part of this family. Thanks DJ for changing how we all think about Robotics!

Here are few pics of me in action over the years....I'll let you figure out who and what project.

User-inserted image Frankinstein from Van Helsing

User-inserted image Kate blanchett from Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons

User-inserted image Kate blanchett from Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons

User-inserted image John Voight Pearl Harbor

User-inserted image James D'Arcy Master and Commander

User-inserted image Billy Boyd (Pippin from Lord of the Rings) Master and Commander

User-inserted image Gong Li Coming Home (Chinese Film)

User-inserted image Johnny Knoxville Bad Grandpa


What? You never worked on any of the Terminator movies? I am soooo disappointed.....:P

Kidding.... What a career dude... Something to be extremely proud of.... :)

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You really do have a talent (and a great job). It's like I've said to friends in the past, it's not just the actors that make a movie, it's the skilled guys & gals like yourself that makes them special. I'll say this, I will never look at the movies you have worked on in the same way again, and will be thinking "I known the guy that helped make that movie so good". ;)


@Will, Next time I see you at a B9 Builders Club event remind me to have you do a little work on me. The older I get, the more I need you as a friend. LOL. I think I may need to move into your neighborhood. Maybe I can commission you to build me one of those chin things you're holding in one of your pics. :P


Ha Dave you are mirroring my same daily thoughts about myself!

@steve Thanks very much.

@richard, I was always working on other projects when the films were happening, my good friends worked on them and always called me. I was always dissapointed too!