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Resolved Resolved by JustinRatliff!

Radar Scan Control

Does the radar scan control work via the mobile interface or is it just scripting?



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No. Its not an option and it would not work at this time. The mobile app only provides movement control, temp and voltage readings and microphone output (allowing you to speak through the EZ-B). Check out the Mobile App Introduction under the "Learn" section.

United Kingdom
You could easily replicate the radar functions through EZ-Script which will work with the mobile app:)

Basically you just need a script that moves a servo from one position to the centre position to another position and back again, inbetween each movement check the Ping and act accordingly. This is pretty much the basis of my Ping Roam scripts, if you check the first version I wrote (it's in the cloud) it was basically a clone of the radar control.
@Rich, I would disagree to the extent that you would lose the visual feedback. If the goal is to make sure the robot can use the PING sonar, then I agree scripting the entire process is possible. But you would lose any visual indication of the RADAR effect in the mobile app, would you not?
United Kingdom
Yes you would lose the visual effects but the functions could be scripted, i.e. scan only while moving forward, control movement panel, reverse before turn and scanning a greater area by using a moving servo. I didn't class the visuals as a function.