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Rad 1.0 Mechwarrior #2 Nerf Darts And Airsoft Guns

This is the second outdoor fun entry level mech warrior. This is following begginer level competition rules from mech warriors.com which is a competition ran by trossen robotics. Rules indicate the robot must have a torso and a first person view camera in the torso or head following the ideal that is where a pilot would be if the robot was built to real life scale. Then you can remotely control the robot against other robots in a real life video game! The first robot has already been started and is 80 percent done and my little sister was jealous and she wants her own robot to play with the guys. Three competitors should be more fun so three ez robot cameras are in the way and servos for their gun arms.


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I spent spare time at work removing the old 1995 faded stickers in preperation for a new paint job. My little sister loves bright frog green like mel so I was thinking of doing camouflage but with a brighter base color green..
Make her bot spit watermelon seeds:P Then it's not really a gun, but can still compete.. sorta:)
Ironically I already picked up 6000 bright green bbs to go with the watermelon theme. So I guess she would be shooting seeds lol.
Girlie rad robot gets its paint job-
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Lol. It is about as girly as it can get.
Nah... it still needs a pink (or green) wig, then it will reach it's full girly potential:)
Lol like angel wings? I need one of those frilly necklaces girls hang from their mirror and put it around the bots neck too lol
I been posting on trossen robotics for the mech warrior projects because I want to be sure I can compete and no one talks to me. I am getting lots of views but no replies.
I'm going to have to check that forum out. I wonder why youre not getting replies. :/
Because they're not as cool as us... Hey Troy, long time no hear.
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I picked up 6 lasers for 6 dollars. Maybe I could use these for aiming on the guns. Like one laser on each gun
Yeah, I got a couple of those for Gunslinger Bob, same idea. How is the girly girl bot coming? Haven't seen any pics or posts in a while.
Girl bot I gave to my little sister for Christmas. She descided agianst airsoft guns on hers
Oh, is she loving it? Did you just keep it remote controlled (original controller)?
Yea original controller. No reason to spend more money to keep original functions.
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These are the motors I bought. Im crossing my fingers they are similar to omnibot motors so maybe I can upgrade the rad 2.0 motors.
I bought a couple spare rad 2.0 robots to cut up their base so I could have 4 motors and 4 gearboxs . If thats too difficult I could do the mod I did with the omnibot 2000 gearbox and have two motors mounted agianst one input gear. I would rather have true 4wd powering the tracks though. Im also thinking about modifying the position of the idler wheels so that in the event of track derailment the robot could still move on flat surfaces by the 4 drive wheels.
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It's pretty hard to derail those RAD tracks. I think you can leave the idler wheels as they are. However, I do like modding the two bases together like you show. A little fiberlass should fix that up pretty well.
Ok the motors came in. Here is a side by side picture. These motors must be 10 times stronger wow. They feel like they have tons of torque and lower rpm range. Just what you want for tank base ;).
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