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R.I.P. -- Sunshine Robot

I finished the Sunshine robot. But, I she just did not turn out the way I wanted her to. I am tired of building robots (for 41years). But, I still have a passion for them. So, you never know, there may be another robot in my future. I am really to the point where I don't want to build, just operate. I have a Pepper on my want list.

Wish me luck!


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What's a Pepper?

Good luck with whatever you do:) However, there is minimal building and few errors in building the revolution robots, maybe it's time to invest in a JD, Six or Roli to play with?


@Rich Pepper In my opinion it is all hype and I wouldn't touch that robot with a 10ft pole... @Mel, I would think very carefully before buying it...... My recommendation is the same as Rich's ... Buy a Six, Roli or JD... This way you surely won't be disappointed....



pepper is the new robot from aldebaran. 1.40 tall some 1400 euro ex chipping .5 fingers each hand. program cost 250 euro a year. maintenance some 750 euro. no spare parts to get only batt and charger.


@Mel... Listen to nomad.... you have to pay ongoing yearly software fees and probably costly maintenance as well....

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It's just... well.. what's a polite way to say it's just not very impressive to be perfectly honest... I also have my doubts that the video nomad posted is totally unedited...

I could go on but bashing on other robots isn't really my scene.


Its a fairly nice robot (not that impressive however), but boy, is that thing ugly.:D I think Aldebaran needs to work on their design skills. Not trying to be mean, but a robot that expensive should look nicer.



i can very well understand you want the pepper,annest i want one too. i have a nao v3.3 whits i dont use often.scare to break him. i just wanted to let you know these info cause they dont tell you that. robots from aldebaran are easy in use and has almost averything. but they do break and has still many bugs.


You can certainly make your own version of this with a 3d printer and use standard servos. Really that's what makes building interesting , the challenge of doing something you haven't done before.