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Question On Micro Servo

Hey wonder if DJ or Jeremie could chime in. Could you fill me in on the kg/cm on the micro HDD running at 7.4 volts. I can only find for 6v.

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I don’t think those are for micro servos. Says 19kg/cm. That is the specs for standard HDD servo. Micro servo states 44 oz/in which is about 3.2 kg/cm at 6v .

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Sorry we are talking about the same thing. What I am saying is they have listed the specs for the micro that are actually the HDD standard servo. Prolly an oversight with cut and paste.
Torque: 38.8 oz-in
Speed: 0.20 sec /60 deg

Torque: 44.4 oz-in
Speed: 0.18 sec /60 deg

Torque: 48.4 oz-in
Speed: 0.15 sec /60 deg
7.4v Torque: 3.48kg/cm for the HDD micro servo.
Not to steal your post, but finding non ez-robot micro servos rated for 7.4v that actually will run on 7.4v is not easy.
Yes very true. I just needed to do some calculations because I’m using them in my Gargantuan project and needed to know what the torque was at 7.4 v. I feel foolish when it seems I look everywhere for the answer then PTP pulls up all the specs... lol..