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Question On Bipeds?

I see that alot of biped (Lower halves at least) use a 6 servo set up. Those are all un-modified servos correct? There really isn't a need for modified servos in that set up is there?

Thanks for any input in advance.


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United Kingdom
As far as I know standard servos are all that are needed, I don't see any benefit of a modified servo.
Correct, standard regular servos:)

Also, in our biped's we cannot use the regular EZ-Robot servos. You will need to use the heavy duty servos sold in our store. They are very strong! They're great:)

3 servos per leg is good. One at hip, one at knee, and one to tilt the foot.

If you take a look at my robophilo, you'll see: http://www.ez-robot.com/Robots/RoboPhilo

good luck!:)
Yes I was looking at those vids and examining the BRAT, and HERCULESE(something like that) and the bioloids. I was curious as to how they worked so I watched a bunch of vids. I also discovered how the 4 servo bipeds walk during my research.

Thanks for the heads up on needing "stronger" servos. Is it the weight of the mounts and brackets that is the issue? What if I went cardboard? I plan on doing alot with my ezb so I'll be using alot of light and disposable materials. I'm gonna see how velcro works out for me. I got these velcro squares that are amazingly strong or else I wouldn't even bother trying them. I know hot glue comes off with rubbing alcohol but I'd like to try velcro first and if it proves to be unstable I'll start gluing.

As far as operation and configuration, the HDs are the same correct. The only difference is the construction materials?

Thanks again guys, just wait until I get my kit and start asking real questions. ;-)
I started on a biped design called lynxmotion johnny five project,using Auto Position control and using a photo of my robot i can set each servo for different frames.

ITS a really good control and bought another full biped robot kit on ebay to use it also,what i like about it you can set the frames like dancing,walking and kick and more.
@robot maker , biped is legs that walk , johnny 5 has tracks;)
YES,i know meant to say working on a biped design,found some very high torque servo very cheap $13 torque 220 oz per inch on ebay