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Question Editing Frames

I get a "unhandled exception" error whenever I try to edit frames. I am using a six with claw robot. I can see all the servos in the settings but error occurs when I select any frame to edit. I can see servo positions for all legs but no claw servos. The actions I already had such as arm up/arm down still work but I can't edit or add new frames involving the claw. Tried rebooting and updating windows 8, no luck

I did recently reformat PC and fresh install of ez robot, then loaded robot from EZ cloud. I also added many actions from the regular six robot to my six with claw using import/export function and I suspect this is where the error occurred. Any suggestions?


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Can you add a screen shot of the error?

Screen Shot Directions:
Pressing the Function and PrintScreen button the keyboard together will take a screen shot. You can then open Paint and paste the screen shot in, crop the image as needed (if needed) and save the image to attach it.
Nice protect is it from windows or ARC
Some valid C code may compile correctly, and then may not run correctly. When you run the application, you may receive the following error message:
Unhandled Exception: System.InvalidProgramException:

Is this your problem
Again saying it is a guess
I don't think it is .net issue. It does the same thing on two computers. If I load old six with claw project I can edit all servo frames normally. It is specific error related to importing all the frames from regular six project (which has a lot more movements) to six with claw. It actually works great....because doing it like this it behaves how I want. For example, movements ignore the servo arm leaving it in the position I already had it in. The problem is can never change it without reverting back to just basic frames/actions of generic six with claw project.
You can't import the frames from a six project because it's a different number of servos. Either modify the six project or modify the claw project. Cannot merge the two with different number of servos.
The importation itself was OK and the robot movements all work well....I can just never change it because I get the error message when I select the frame. I made it as far as trying to edit the autopositon file. I could see the frames looking for the extra servos and thought maybe I could try to add them manually....using notepad? It was all I had to work with:) At that point I realized that I was in over my head and figured it would be better to just add new frames/actions for six with claw. It is just that so much of the work was already done for the six, like the dance actions, I would hate to manually add everything for six with claw. I'm probably just getting way ahead of myself....again.
Nah not at all - you're on the right track. Just load the default six project and edit the auto position. Add the servos for the arm and voila:)

It'll be quite easy. Just add servos, drag them on the screen and select the ports.

If you need help, after you attempt on your own, let me know:)
Aha! I followed your advice and I was getting the same error after many times trying to import/export between projects. Finally I realized that although I added servos in the design I had not clicked the "snapshot" button. I guess I should have clicked the question mark earlier...the one that explains that that was how AutoPosition was updated, I thought it was just to update the picture. All seems to be working now, Thanks!:)