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Pandorabot New Url?

Pandorabot New Url?

I was trying to add pandorabot control and it seems like it no longer works and the old URL is not working. Looks like they switched over to playground URL which you can log in and...

Controlling Servo Speed With Slider Controls In Mobile

I don't see a way to control servo speed when adding servo sliders to mobile app. Just wondering if there is a way to do this or possible support in future upgrade? Specifically I'm trying to add a little finesse to controlling the six servo arm with the mobile app.
Question Editing Frames

Question Editing Frames

I get a "unhandled exception" error whenever I try to edit frames. I am using a six with claw robot. I can see all the servos in the settings but error occurs when...

Defective Parts

I recently ordered two six robots and some extra servos and some sensors from brookstone. I have a defective camera....I followed the advice here and confirmed bad camera after swapping in the other. Also reseated connectors and both circuit boards in bad camera, no help. I also have three bad lever servos...they just dont respond at all. I also...

Keep Gripper Closed While Moving

I added a gripper to the galapogos bot as a "horizonal servo" attatched to D23 and it is working fine. How do I keep the gripper closed while the robot is performing other actions like moving forward. Right now it seems to open up while performing any of the actions. I think I could create whole new frames/actions but I just want to know if I can...
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