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Asked — Edited

Python Program Language


I believe that the new ARC can be programed in Python?
In doing some research, to try and learn a little, I found out that it comes now in two versions (2 & 3) which are not fully compatible?
Is that right?
If so, which should one use?


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#2   — Edited
Hey Ted, how are you? Nice to see you are still around. We need more smart people on the forum. Anyway, Java is pretty straight forward. I find the best way to learn is to write scripts in Blockly, convert them to Javascript and then tweak from there... 

Cheers man
#6   — Edited
Me lurn berry badlee.... Thanks for pointing out my typing oversight and lack of proof reading... ;).... Now I am only as smart as the Skipper and Gilligan here. ....:p

Now if you will excuse me, I am about to make myself a cup of java and feed my pet python.....
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