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Putting Jd Case Backtogether

What is the trick to putting the case of the body back together for JD? I took it apart to lengthen the charging wires to the battery and it won't fit back together. The shoulder servers are in place, I know the battery goes in the bottom, but the battery cable where does it lay inside the case?

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No, it's really not helpful at all. I've seen that picture and the lesson.

I understand how it goes back together, I know it's all suppose to shove back in there, but it's not fitting because of the battery connection. I don't know where it's support to lay inside the body.


if you look at the pic,the connector come there where the hole of the speaker sits.


Is the connector suppose to fit in-between the bottom of the servers and the battery? It won't fit otherwise.


no above the batt,then you see it in front hole speaker

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I don't know if these will help Justin, but here's a few pics taken from the JD tutorials. Maybe you could figure it out from these...

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

I hope they help and you figure it out. If not could you post a picture of where you're at so far, and so we could see your battery extention?



i found this pic and you see the tip of the connector

User-inserted image

i know the wires lying close ontop eachother


It won't fit laying like the picture show SteveG.

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Okay then. Maybe post a photo or two to see what's going on if you can. Are you talking about the red connector that connects the battery to the power switch seen in the first photo and below? The only good place I can suggest is slide it inbetween the ends of the servos and battery if there is room.

User-inserted image


To help Justin out, I can recommend taking the two deans plugs together, locate the thinner side of the plugs and tuck them inbetween the battery and the servos. Then make sure that it is positioned more toward the right side so it doesn't run into the micro deans board that fits very closely beside it when the two plastic enclosures go together.

User-inserted image

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Yup, that's exactly where I meant. It will be a snug fit but should fit nicely as seen I the photo above.


lol my apologies Steve I should have "read" your post instead of just looking at the picture.


Thank you, thank you Jeremie! That is what I needed to see! Now JD's body fits back together. :)

But one of the corner posts broke (on the back cover) when the screw head when through the thin plastic at the bottom of the post. Have you ever had that happen before? Any easy fix? I was thinking of maybe getting a tiny washer. Or should I print a new back cover?

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I'm glad my suggestion I mentioned on post #11 worked for you. It's a snug fit but it stops the battery moving about too. Not sure why Jeremie got the "thanks" or the credit though, but I'm glad I could help and pleased you got it sorted.;)


Jeremie showed me the picture I needed to see and answered my question in a concise non-confusing way. I picked his over your answer for that reason.

I did not find your comments helpful to my question and your comments did not help me find the solution I was seeking.


@SteveG, this also make the second thread of mine where you have thanked yourself when I did not thank you nor did I intent to.

I do appreciate you "attemping" to help me, but frankly your comments were not helpful to me. And thanking yourself is not cool. I've seen you do it in a few other threads to.

Just like I appreciate Nomad who really tried hard to show me what I needed to see, but it was only Jeremie who's response showed me what I needed to see and made sense.

I have been there with you in few threads where I felt like I may have answered a question and didn't get picked as the solution finder but I've never said anything because I assume the information I presented may have not been what the person found helpful in way that made sense to them. It just makes me want to try harder next time to understand what information people might need.

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Even though it was the same answer Jerime gave you which he apologised for? I didn't think here was anything "confusing" about "Slide it inbetween the ends of the servos and battery". If you wanted me to explain what I meant further you should have asked. And as for thanking myself, this is something I DO NOT do. I give a "Your welcome" comment as a nudge to the person I tried to help where no thanks is given or the information offered is completely egnored, which frankly, is rude. I'm never looking for thanks as I'm always happy to help where I can, it's just common curtesy for someone to give thanks when someone takes the time and effort to help, and perhaps more people should try it. It would make the world a better place. But I digress, it's not about the credit or anything, I just wanted to help you with my solution, and like I said, I'm glad you got it sorted.