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hello i'm buy revolution jd...i don't understand to create a new seguence program and to send a program to robot



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hi spiddy1

do you mean making poses and send to robot?

what for are the cam pics?


yes,i visit the all tutorial.. i don't understand to create a sequence....for example.... sitdown wake up..... walking..... i'ts a small example,i don't find a windows for insert in a sequence a intruction...... Another question.......the jd play the program alone even the pc it's off? Thank you excuse me for my english i'm italian people and i don't very well enghlish language.. Manuel



you always need a pc or android 4.3 play with jd. the poses like sit down ,walk are allreddy made. this is what yourre looking.

if you can if you have skype i can show you there. patrick.dierckx19


i used a pc....the application in android it's ok..i used very problem is a pc....for create a sequence..i understand to use add...e insert the windows fos sensor o another....i dont understand to create a sequence and jd play his self....


In the auto positioner control you create frames.... like poses... then you create actions to tie all the frames together into a sequence... For example you create a frame called "salute" you get JD into a saluting position... then you create another frame called... "hands up" (like he is being arrested)... Then if you want to you can link those two frames together with an action where JD salutes then puts his hands up.... You can make as many frames and actions as you wish...

Hope this helps



is the video ubove the good one for spiddy1?


i don't have a time for test......i understand to create a frame..thank you....because i don't understand where insert a varius frame for create the sequence.....sorry.......I am not very practical... p.s the sequence send to robot play individually if pc is off.......or the pc it must be on and connecet to jd for execute usual program..?


here the video how he does it.more details from this you will have to ask dj.


good morning maybe I can not explain very well ... I enclose a photo x understand ..... I already work with robots yaskawa (motoman) and it works like this: there is a program and performs line indicates to righae then if I want the cycle begins again .... I do not find in ARC a window where I show the sequence of actions to be done to run a revolution are jd..mi explain a little better?

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i made two pics.first pic the action .

User-inserted image

second pic is the page where you can make a see ubove cheat scheet. below that you can choose action and you can choose when to start or end.

User-inserted image

at the end off the cheat scheet you can choose the action


ok,thank you this evining try....... Thank you very much all toghether


excuse me..another question...if i want insert in the script the sensor..or other i insert in a manual script( 2 pic) IS POSSIBLE INSERT IN A FRAME(1 PIC)?


first pic is where you can find all info how to wright it.

User-inserted image

second pic choose from the cheat scheet and make the script.

i choose action BOW see below and click on it.

User-inserted image


i forgot its sayezb("hi spiddy 1 " )

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Nomad has given you some good advice, but in case you haven't seen it, I've posted a video below from the ARC Manual that explains the "Auto Positioner" control very well, and goes through how to add frames, actions, and to make a sequence which may hopefully help you further. It also shows you how to add a script to your action/sequence's. :)