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Programing Jd

I know this must be easy but I just can't find the right settings. I want JD to just see something moving and respond with speech. I also want JD to see a color and not get confused with movement and announce it. Can these both be run at the same time? Is there and activity to help with this movement recognition? Thanks All Ron
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@Darticus Below is a very simple script that turns on the camera (if off) then turns on motion tracking and finally takes a picture every time it sees movement.... This is just to show you how easy it is to do stuff like this using just one simple script. You may need to adjust the movement sensitivity slider under the motion tab in the camera control to avoid it taking pictures of nothing... Remember, this is just a generic script I wrote that you can run separately on it's own ( not the tracking script from within the camera control).


if ($IsCameraActive != 1) #turn on the camera on if off
ControlCommand("Camera", CameraStart)
ControlCommand("Camera", CameraMotionTrackingEnable)
if($CameraIsTracking = 1)
ControlCommand("Camera", CameraSnapshot)
saywait("movement detected")
Simple to you.
Simple to me.
But is it simple to Darticus?
Thanks Richard thanks WBS00001
Thanks to Richard for putting in the time and yes WBS00001 it makes no sense to me. Again I see where he is going with his program but at 67 I don't think its time to study programing that really from what I see must be learned by trial and error with no real instructions or written documentation on using it. Maybe I'm lazy or just don't want to put in the effort. I will always watch the robot development info coming out but even the programing for ER1 was explained and easy to use they just went out of business. Thanks all Ron

good work


well said


what are you looking for in a robot.
2 or 3 cases in the last weeks. I think a lot o people will fill deceived when buying robots (in general not EZR), most platform robots are target to builder minds not consumers.

i think part of the failure is the wrong message people get when they buy the product.

well said.do you have an excample off a wrong message people get?
i think ez is the most easiest platform there is.excample another platform,
i was looking for one hour to change a foot led in another color.
didn find any info about that.with ez 2 sec.
I think I wanted a robot like this that was just like this that I could expand on like this but with instruction with examples that could be used right off the bat to build and program. I know most will say this is it but remember when you started you sat and waited to learn something or figure something out. You read activities over and over. You did tutorials under JD and sat more. How long did that take 6 months +? This is a great robot but at the moment I can't learn with the documentation provided. Many activities are good and work and many are obsolete and not workable. Tutorials are good but not pertaining to programing JD. I wanted something I could get to walk, turn around look for object in the way and say good morning. As a retired High School Science teacher my kids couldn't get this off the ground without a personal tutor. I know they show it!
I know this robot can do this stuff when you learn to program it but I wasted Dec 25 to now and I do nothing but activities that some work and some don't. Last week I got an answer from WBS00001 why an activity didn't work. It took almost 3 weeks of asking people why before someone actually took the time to look at what the problem was. Maybe this will get sorted out but don't have the patients now. Building Hero and Hero Jr back in the 80's was also a robot I had input into building. It had Issues that needed correcting by Heath Kit and they did it. I'm great for finding issues but it sucks. Thanks Ron

good ,take some time to do some other stuff.and remember to stop in time,
when you start to feel frustrated.many times i didn understand untill the last part,
fits in.atleast you know alot,i dont.try to do a conversation with a person you,
feel best with.yourre a good guy.

Sorry to see you go but I understand. My father was/is a very smart guy. He worked on encrypted communications (hardware and software) for the US military in one form or another for about 40 years. He had to know how things worked with technology. Crazy smart dude.

I remember one day he bought a new TV (LED type). I went over to see what he had bought. He made a statement to me that struck me as strange at the time, but I understand as I get older. His comment was "This is the first product that I have purchased that I didn't understand how it worked." I started to explain it to him and he stopped me and said "I don't care how it works."

I dread the day that I get to this point, but I know that it is coming. He had lost his patience for trying to figure this type of stuff out and had lost his drive to figure it out. I understand.

The robot was figured out in about a week by me personally, but I have a programmer background. I still feel the need to understand how things work. I have a desire to dig in and break it, buy another one, break it and so on and so forth.

This is just my two cents but, this hobby isn't for you anymore. I am not trying to be mean or degrading at all. I just don't think that you have the burning desire to put up with the frustrations associated with this hobby. I am sure that you are plenty smart enough to do it. I am sure that it is possible for you to be successful at it. I just think the drive isn't there anymore.
You said it right are absolutely correct. Thanks Ron
I am sorry to hear this isn't going to work out for you, particularly since I encouraged your purchase after your first post saying you wanted more than just a toy. I guess I mis-interpreted what you were looking for.

If you still want to try something that is more than a toy, expandable, and programmable, but with perhaps better documentation in the same price ballpark, you might want to look into Lego Mindstorms. They are significantly less capable because you lose the processing power of a PC Tethered robot, but might be closer to what you were after and the documentation is complete and straightforward if for no other reason than they have been on the market for many years and have the huge Lego corporation behind them including an entire department that does nothing but write documentation.


is it possible that you have a burn out.i hear many teachers get it.
and do you also think what you would do if you stop robotics.

i ask myself same question and am 53 old.
I'll get into something . Thanks Ron
have a check up with your doc.see what he says ,let him do some bloodtest.
maybe you have a short on something.
@David... That's funny.... My dad was a simple guy... not techie at all, blue collar all the way... Yeah, I know I am blue collar too LOL... Anyway, if I told him that an etch a sketch was a laptop computer he would believe me....:)
Nomad has it right maybe a B12 shot. Ron
If anyone can help me out I have a new rover body with H bridge. Need to sell as leaving the project for now. If anyone is buying one you might be able to help me out of this. Ron

is it possible to get a pic from the backside jd
Sorry JD has been dissembled already. Wait I think I found 2. Ron
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User-inserted image
thank you this is great.