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United Kingdom
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Resolved Resolved by Jason !

Printing The Ez Stl Files

Hi Guys,

Just a quick question ..... How many of you have been printing the existing files for JD - and how have you been getting on ? I would love to know what machines you have been printing on and any top tips too!

I have tried a few of the parts (I know they are to be updated soon but figured that it will give me some practice and an idea of what they will fit like). I am having difficulties with some of the parts - particularly where there are overhangs. Things like the EZ connectors on most parts are giving me difficulties as the male connector doesn't sit on the print bed, it starts mid-air an overhang a few mil off the bed. It is also a part that needs to be really crisp or else it won't fit the female connector. If I try printing without support, it just gives me a heap of mess for the first few layers of the connector. If I print with support, then it adds support to other parts (the bridges etc) that were printing without the support fine. It gives a bad finish overall to the parts because of the support being added.

I'm seriously considering re-working to the STL files in Solidworks to create alternatives that don't have so much overhang etc. A lot of the bridges an overhangs look great, but are there for aesthetic reasons and aren't actually critical to the function of the part. I understand te the files are about to be reissued and that the files will have things that make the parts look awesome, but I fear it will only add more complication to the printing of them (logos etc).

I just thought I would check to see if other people are geeting on ok in case it's just me needing to work harder with the printer!

By the way, my printer is a RepRapPro Mono Mendel. I have tried printing in PLA and just bought a KG of white ABS that I tried last night.

I'm just not sure whether the shiny Replicator 2 that EZ are using allows them to print the parts, but that more commonly used printer might struggle.

Any help or tips would be REALLY gratefully received!


Jay :D


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Don't have to b sorry ... Not ur fault ! But thanks neways.

I totally get that for some peeps there's no interest in printing. Some people have the v3 board so the software updates are good to play with. With me I am waiting for the v4 controller so software updates at the moment don't affect me - although I get that long term they will. I agree the hardware and software are the most important bits. That's why I asked if we could have a little update on where things are delivery wise. I have software at the moment, but it does nothing without the hardware..... And the little bits of plastic are what turns the hardware controller into a robot lol.

I wish dad was paying haha ... No... I worked for most 9 months washing dishes in a pub to give him the money:( that's a lot of plates lol - so I get that most of us have to pay for it ourselves - for me it's 100% of my income.

Anyways, hopefully we will get a firm update on the STLs from Corey or DJ and the deliveries too as hopefully both should be soon.

@andy_smith ... Washing plates? kudos to you... Seriously, you now have my respect. We're all gonna' get our boards soon. DJ is quite aware the natives are getting seriously restless... Hang in there a little longer...;)
United Kingdom
@andysmith ... You must have wrinkled hands washing that many plates !

I haven't heard from Corey in a bit either - Jason did say Corey was going to load them last week but not heard anything since. I sent the team an email but no response to it. I'm not sure why the thread gets ignored - don't take it personally mate I guess they're just too busy to respond.

Keep your chin up:)

Yes, they are busy doing the more important issue of getting the product shipped.... The 3d printed files are completely useless unless their product gets shipped...
Thanks for replying Richard

@jayceekeys: Least it's not just me.

Man it's like they answer other threads and just blank this one. Its making me real frustrated. What did I do wrong? Maybe I should ask XL to ask : feels like DJ always gives him a response. I'm going to leave it until the morning but if they answer other threads and still ignore this one then I will get dad to cancel and just walk away from this. I can't afford to buy shells so it was only ever going to happen if I printed. It's not the delay now it's that I feel I'm getting deliberately blanked/ignored. I get apologies and responses from other members of the community - like you Richard and I actually feel guilty for you having to do that as you are waiting too - you're a customer. Yes they are trying to arrange shipping, but they aren't actually shipping the boards themselves and they are answering every other question. Saying that that my question isn't as important as other stuff they are doing doesn't make me feel valued and doesn't give them the right to just ignore me so maybe I should just quit . The printed parts may be useless to some people but the electronics are equally useless for me if I have nothing to put them in. It's like someone that is focussing on supplying petrol (gas) saying that a car is useless. The fuel is useless without the car, the car is useless without the fuel. Both are important.

The last vid from the toy fair said they had lots of interest and enquiries to follow up when they got back - maybe they have had lots to do for that? maybe my order is just too small now, to me it was a lot of money.

Probs going to be my last post so I wish everyone luck and want to say a big thank you to the people that have chatted and PM me.

Andy - 15 - UK
Hi @andy_smith! Email me directly and we can chat. I will answer everyone of your questions in order.

As you have probably noticed, we are super busy with our final manufacturing meetings. In addition to my role as Marketing Manager, I am also leading our Manufacturing. That gives you and idea of how many hats all of our team members wear:) It is difficult for us to respond to every new question on the Forum (there are thousands every week) so we rely on our amazing community to help new questions and users that join the EZ-Robot Community. We would never purposely neglect any of our awesome users:) We just can't read everything haha. Looking forward to chatting!
Oh hi Jason:)

Well I spose my main question is when are the STL files going to be updated? I kind of hijacked the post jayceekeys started so if it's ok to post reply here then everyone waiting to print can get the update.


Hey @andy_smith

We are working with our manufacturing facility to fine tune the designs so they work best for real-world manufacturing. We do not want multiple versions of the design files floating around so we are waiting to upload them to ARC until they are 100%. This way we will be able to assist users with their 3D prints because we will all have the same files. It is impossible to provide a hard date right now as the manufacturing facility could come back tomorrow or next week with some minor things they have suggested. With that being said, the design files will be absolutely uploaded this month...because they have to be haha.
United Kingdom
Hey Jason,

Sorry, when there wasn't a reply to Andy's posts I posted an update based on the email you sent me a week or so prior where you told me that the STL files were confirmed to the factory on the 28th feb and that Corey was updating them to the cloud that week..... Probably why Andy was expecting something to have happened and got frustrated so apologies, I figured the team hadn't seen his posts and he was getting frustrated so I only updated him because no one else had.

I emailed you with some questions separately but haven't got a reply back yet (JD's eyes etc).

Is the intention to hang on for releasing the STL's until once shipping has begun. Only you said that they will definitely be uploaded this month - I know the previous announcement was that shipping was beginning this month too, so was a little nervous as to how shipping would still commence this month if the STL files for manufacture haven't been finalised - not sure if it means that shipping may be delayed?

All the best


Ps if you could reply to the email I sent that would be great as I may want to increase my order size (yeah I know - again lol)
United Kingdom
Hey Guys,

Is there any chance that you could give an update on STLs that may be ready or nearing release ? I know you were aiming for the middle of this month. I asked in the manufacturing updates thread but didn't get a reply and figured it was because it wasn't asked in the right area of the forum.


It's a big job to release the files - so we're waiting for all of the manufacturing DFM to be completed before we can update them on the EZ-Cloud. We talked about doing some of them next week when I return from Washington. I feel confident the files will be ready by then:)
United Kingdom
Yay ! Roll on next week:) thanks DJ
United Kingdom
Hey DJ ..... Is it still looking possible for an upload this week ?

:D :D :D :D
United Kingdom
Or Jason if you know *confused*
for the record, im very excited to get the new files also. Jay's been pretty diligant about them so I haven't brought it up but, just so you know, it ain't just him.;)
United Kingdom
Hey Antron......I'm guessing it isn't going to be this week. Reading further back this same thread we were told two months ago that we wouldn't have long to wait so I will give up asking now and it will happen when they want it to - we can't influence it at all.

No matter how many emails that we get saying that the community is great and that EZ have been learning so much about manufacturing injection moulded parts over the recent months, it still doesn't make it any easier. When you buy something and get given a lead time you really don't care how much the manufacturer updates you saying how much they have been learning about manufacturing. You kind of just want what you have paid for. When you buy something from a manufacturer, unless it is a kickstarter, it is usually a given that they know how to deliver what they have already charged your card for - not that they are going to go and figure out how to do what they have already received the revenue for. Offers that you can cancel after months of waiting don't make it any easier or more palatable whatsoever - to me it just comes across as "if you don't like it then we don't care - leave".

Sorry if this seems bitter but I honestly feel let down and ignored when other threads get answered and yet again this gets "missed". I genuinely try and give them the benefit of the doubt and keep positive when posting on here to them but it is to no avail whatsoever.

We get constant updates for software and firmware - but for people like me that can't get either a v3 or a v4 they are of no benefit at all - it's just like dangling a carrot in front of us and pulling it away. At least if we could start building the physical robots ready for the electronics it would be something.

I have even bought whole revolution robots and cameras, EZ4's etc so it's not like I'm wanting something for free. I would just love what was promised to me months ago.

Rant over .... I'm going to just leave the forum for a while now because it's honestly just causing me sadness and frustration now. Although a mere 20 EZ4 units are to be shipped this week and they are rightly going to people that ordered in June last year, it is of no consolation to those that ordered after and whom have not received what was promised in terms of delivery times. For those people they will not be waiting 5 weeks as originally promised, they will be very lucky to get their orders within 5 months. In fact I have longer remaining to wait even at this stage than I was even advised when I first placed my order months ago.

I'm marking this thread as resolved because personally I don't have the energy to pursue it any longer.


United Kingdom
Still no news:( this is so disappointing
United Kingdom
I feel I should point out that there has never been any promise of a 5 week delivery on the pre-order robots and parts. Times stated have only ever been estimates and have never been guaranteed. I'm not sure what you hoped to achieve by stating that there was a 5 week promise, the parts are not ready, they cannot ship out regardless of how much noise anyone makes. The delays have all been explained and regular updates have been made recently. Text on the site has been updated to reflect the delays also. Nowhere has it ever stated any promises or guarantees for delivery times and it has always mentioned the items are in pre-order status.

Updates to the software and hardware are done by different people at EZ-Robot to those who are managing the manufacturing process. DJ and Jeremy are the guys who deal with the software and firmware side of things while Cory and Jason are dealing with the manufacturing side of things, Chrissi deals with the website. The other tasks (software updates, video tutorials etc.) do not stop just because the manufacturing is taking more time than expected. Topics do not get missed because someone has posted in another one. Chances are the right person to answer has not been able to visit the forum and answer your requests. DJ has previously stated that he only has 30 minutes a day scheduled for forum interaction, I am sure the other members of staff also have specific time scheduled. With a community as helpful and as knowledgeable about their products as this community it really must take a lot of the strain off knowing that the forums can sit unattended for days or even weeks with very few issues therefore their presence isn't always a priority.

I appreciate you are becoming impatient however you are not alone but you must understand it's not quite as clear cut, black and white as the topic being missed or other things taking priority.
United Kingdom
Hey Rich,

It's not just that the topic has been missed - I have personal emails from the guys promising what I highlighted as outstanding going back months. I wouldn't dream of posting the content of these as it would be quite harsh, but it's really been a catalogue of failed assurances. It's fully accepted that the files have been through numerous iterations brought about by the differences between 3D printing and injection moulding technologies. They communicate updates on other subjects but it's just that this whole topic gets overlooked as unimportant. I won't presume to speak on behalf of others but it was one of the primary reasons why I was so enthused to place significant sized orders - the fact that I could print EZ-bits.

I also have orders for Revolution injection moulded product. When the STL files aren't available at this stage in the game - bearing in mind these design files are prerequisite to the promised delivery schedules they have committed to for revolution robots it makes me concerned.

Much as always I value your response and appreciate that you are trying to make representation for EZ in their absence from the conversation, I was hoping as a customer that EZ would answer me themselves as their customer rather than another customer having to repeatedly do it for them - but this is the crux of the matter - they aren't communicating on the subject despite having missed yet another suggested date. Whenever any date is missed there usually follows a silence, then an enthused press release to pull people back up again. How much easier it would be to avoid the frustration of silence in the first place.

I would concur with what you highlighted - I was indeed informed that my order was a pre-order, but for point of clarity I was given a fixed lead time which passed and remains unfulfilled. 5-7 weeks was given as the delivery time and despite this having been months ago, EZ are unable to even meet this if we were to start the clock from now.

I don't want to have to make these posts, I don't want my thoughts of EZ robots and the customer experience to be anything but positive and rewarding, but Rich, I'm being really calm and genuine when I say that the EZ robot experience hasn't been good for me whatsoever. I'm sure that it was never anyone's intention for it to be like that, but I feel I have been let down repeatedly and now mostly feel ignored. I also am made to feel guilty for asking for information and that really is upsetting given that I am supposedly a valued customer and part of their "great community"- one who has placed money and confidence in a company to uphold their part or the agreement - or at least to talk to me when they are unable to do so.

In short, had my experience as a customer been a positive one, this sort of conversation would not even have been had.

I think it's probably best for me to direct my enquiries to EZ via email rather than on the forum in public as it seems my enquiries are not shared by others.

Best wishes,