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makes sense to me.. before i print those parts ill see about modifying them the way you describe. I was going to try designing a little less neck maybe stick the servo just a bit further into his head


Thanks, his head works great - there is no engineering flaw. He can look left and right while looking down without any issues. Once you have a replacement servo, you will enjoy JD lots :)


hi luis

that part called #8 and will availeble in the fall.


IM not sure i know what you mean nomad?

DJ . I will drop the subject until i can fully work with him , I send a message to the staff to go a head and send replacements out. So I should be able to fully explore.



part #8 is the little one where the arms hang on.


haha ok .. i got it now. thanks for the update.

United Kingdom

I don't see what difference it would make if the pan servo is above or below the tilt servo (i.e. the current JD design vs @Luis idea). I played with both ways and the difference was minimal.

As for "gimbal lock", unless I am mistaken it only applies to 3 degrees of freedom, JD's neck only has 2 degrees of freedom. There is no way for the axis of two of the three gimbals to run parallel as there are not three axis...


you are right Rich. I used the wrong term when I said gimbal lock.

But I have found ocr and camera reads work better when the cam is as stright up as possible.

If i look to the right and down the camera angel is better than 45 degrees .

the way i was looking at it , would leave the camera in a more upright possession and not look like he was laying down.

I am really interested in JD's ability to see what is around him order to interact. I will wait further judgment on this until i have actually tested in the real world as of now i have been holding the camera at the angle dj head will tilt and found that reading many type of codes had a much higher failure rate at an angle than it did upright.


We didn't have much room to work with in JD's body - if you ever open him up, you will see. Using the first generation Revolution, i'm certain you will always have enhancements - which is why we released the source files for the designs to the public. We want you to change and enhance your robot :D


Rock on man , I was not complaining as much as I was so trying to emprove an alreadybaewsome product