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Please Add The Little Sensor Protector To Your Store.

Please add the little sensor protector to your store.

And What is it called? I see a regulator and two caps. But, what would you call it?
Where can you buy it? How much does it cost, Please.


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@mel do you have a link to what you saw. Do you think you are referring to online 5 volt regulators they demonstrated? You can use one of your voltage regulator boards to power several sensors down to 5 volts from your battery voltage.
Hey, that is a good idea. You are so Brilliant!
I would like that also. I placed an order for the EZ-B v4 about a week ago and would like that voltage adapter shield thing added that order. Once it's available online I'll add it.


@EEGbiofeedback If you ordered a developers kit, I was told yesterday that it will include one to protect the ping sensor, and the included servos don't need it. If you ordered just the board, you will probably need to order one.

Thanks Alan,

Just ordered the board, and other odds and ends.

Where? How much? What is it Called?

It's not in the store yet and it doesn't really have an official name but I'm it calling the "5V regulator board":D

It's pictured in this post.
I keep reading about this regulator or lack of regulator problem. Maybe im missing something but I was planning on powering my ezb through the BEC function of my H-Bridge. So in other words if I'm powering my H-Bridge with a 12v sla battery and use its bec function the ezb will only receive 5 volts thus the sensors would only have 5 volts correct? Are most people not using some type of H-Bridge? Chris
@kamaroman68 If the EZB4 board work on 5V... 5V Camera and wifi too?... I thought the board had a min voltage input of something like 6V (or 7.2v)... Are you sure 5V won't cause brown outs? And how much power can the bec on your H-Bridge supply, though? My 2 x 12 Sabertooth motor control can only supply about 1amp through it's bec.... and it's way more powerful than a basic H-bridge...
I would be causious about using that setup.