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Play Wav File Through Ezb V4

I have looked through the boards, but I cant find an example of a script that would play a wav file through the ezb board. Can someone please show me how to do this.



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load a wave file on to your ezb sound board,it wil chown when you wright a ,
script .you can choose it from there.
To play through the EZ-B, add a SoundBoard (EZB) object to your project. Add your sound files to the object (supports WAV and MP3)

Then to play them from a script use control command.


ControlCommand("Soundboard v4", "Track_0")

There is a script command to directly play audio files, but it plays through the PC default sound device, not the EZ-B

I know how to add the sounds files to the soundboard. But how do I add the ezb soundboard object to my project?
Just click "Project" at the top left of the ARC software window. Then click "Add", then "Audio". You will see "Sound board (EZB)" toward the left side. Just click it and it will appear at the upper left corner of your project. From there you can drag it anywhere you like.
Look in the main menu under project/add then Audio tab then Soundboard ezb... Add it like just any other control....