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Pinball Machien Haha

bzzss goes wel ,i see a pinball machien.
who is winning?.


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I have a new found respect for DJ. He understands that the creative mind sometimes needs to step away and take a break to quit thinking about the problem and let the mind rest. Very often, the solution to the issue comes in the time right after the brain takes a break. I have seen this for 20+ years in programming and every programmer I talk to says the same thing. Not too many people outside of those with very mentally challenging careers or hobbies understand this concept. Having a CEO that understands it makes the workplace a much better place.
hi cochran you are very right.
I see two pinball machines and a vid. One is a Dr Who. I'm a huge pin head and have a Dr Who in my collection. Awesome game and very cool music! I can't make out what the other two are. I'd love to know.
Lol, yes I inherited a few video games recently. Doctor who pinball, capt fantastic pinball, bride of pinbot "the machine", asteroids video game and bimbo the clown.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

And Jeremie has been restoring the bimbo the clown

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Ah ha! I have Bride of Pinbot too. Great game but not exactly family friendly. I love it when you shoot the loops around her chest and she starts moaning and purring. Is her face changing properly during the game? It's a known issue and an easy fix. If so I can advise.

I love the other games you have also. You have a start of a great collection.

Thanks for the link Rich!
Did you know there is a family mode for the bride of pinbot? I don't think it'll be as much fun though:D

The face works great - these machines are fully restored to original. The condition of the Asteroids is quite impressive! Cory is our resident expert at Asteroids apparently - he maintains the high score so far...
Just a hint if you didn't know about some extra points in Asteroids.
Save your 14th shot for the ship (I believe that is what it is ... the thing that moves across the top of the screen).
I think it will give you ALOT of points!
Been many years since I was ADDICTED to that game.