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Optional Xbee/Synapse/Wifi Long Distance Communication

Good Morning EZ-Robot Folks ! references an EZ-B Module with the WiFi Adapter instead of the Bluetooth Adapter. .

"EZ-B is shipped pre-assembled Wireless Class 2 2.5 mW 4dBm Bluetooth 10 Meters/30 feet Range".

"Optional XBee/Synapse/WiFi Long Distance Communication".

What is the cost to purchase a Second EZ-B, this time with the Optional XBee/Synapse/WiFi Long Distance Communication ?

My EZ-Robot Kit is ABSOLUTELY G R E A T ! ! !

Thank You,, 602-246-1246(H)

Also, where do you purchase an EZ-Robot T-Shirt ? User-inserted image


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As far as I am aware the EZB is not available with anything but the Bluetooth module but the module can be swapped by the user with various other modules i.e. WiFi


Go to Sparkfun on the web for the user installed longer range units. Also other web suppliers like The Robot Shop may have them. Do a search here on more info on suggested hardware and how to install it. There has been lots of talk about this.


Im putting together a direct plug and play replacement for the Bluetooth module and it will use archos wifi hardware with optional sma connector for external antenna for robots with metal frames or cases that may block signal. Its part of the ezb pro initiative to bring nice higher end options to the already awesome ezb. ;)


sign me up! I'M afraid I'll have this problem with my lower EZB. it sits inside an aluminum frame surrounded by rubber!


@dougPope, hello! The xBee or Synapse module connects to the EZ-B by replacing the Bluetooth Dongle. You have to purchase the module seperately, but it's easy to modify. Simply remove the Bluetooth from the top of the EZ-B and connect the 4 wires of the replacement communication adapter. The 4 wires are +5, Gnd, TX(transmit) and RCV (receive).

You can purchase the Synapse module from our friends at Solarbotics:

As for the t-shirts, we will be putting them online in Feb. There will be many more items added to the store in Feb - including an entire new price adjustment. We've had an amazing year, and it's time to give back. Our prices are being cut in almost in half for Feb....

Of course, we have a 4 week lead-time on any orders due to demand right now. Guess we'll need more worker elves!


WILL look at getting the t-shirt too DJ I am designing a auto switch for WIFI and bluetooth or xbee,when one is down the other reconnects, automatically,so you never lose a signal

Hope to have it out in a week with schematic

ALSO in the WIFI board i am adding a wired network adapter incase other might want to use it,RJ45 (NETWORK) is great for wired long runs wnen connecting a couple of EZB together to one computer,without the problems dealt with WIFI,BLUETOOTH OR XBEE modules (RFI and short range on bluetooth),not really made for robots ,mostly to control other things in your house,like spa or fish tanks,OR LIKE MY ANIMAL cages and still other stuff

WITH the great EZB you can control anything almost,not just robots any more

DJ may be design a robot to help you with the orders :)


Awesome , glad to hear tshirts are coming;) im sure a handful of us have been wanting one.


I'll make it happen :)

We also have some bumper sticks. And a hat. And a jacket. And a keychain. And I think that's it....

I kind of wanted to get shoe laces too! Blue with white letters:D That'd be fun. I wear a lot of color!



Make sure you get some T-shirts for us.. ummm... husky folk! 3XL / 4XL. :D

I have the t-shirt still from the Calgary Expo. Maybe I need to auction it off here to the highest bidder! :)


I hope you get wifi working,i am close but now i an stuck here


Give me a few days PITTOM i can solve it,so busy at work,can wait for march 28 ,no more work ever