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Open House Party

Any other locals heading to the Open House Party (May 28th)?

I'm going to take the afternoon off work.


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United Kingdom

I really wish I could but the commute would be a little too much (plus my passport has expired).

I will be flicking on to the cams though, hopefully the presentation will be either recorded or streamed live (what is 7pm in GMT? No doubt the middle of the night for me but I don't sleep so no problem there)



Start paddling! :D:D :D

I'll take lots of pics for ya.

I ran the times zones through a converter. London (U.K) is 7 hours ahead of us. 3: PM is 10PM your time (Event is 3-11PM). Might be able to catch a few hours of the event on the cams?



Lumpy, it'll be awesome to see you! Hope you can bring R2D2! That'd be great :D


Yea man , that R2 d2 is awesome sauce!


Dj, may I suggest for the people who can't make it that you post a live video stream on YouTube. You can using the google hangout trick. That will allow us to hear and see fairly fluently.


I could easy make it,only i have plans for memorial weekend,trips are easy for me since i dont need to work. AND would love to see LUMPY'S R2-D2 may be next time.


Will the live stream be recorded and replayed on YouTube? I don't think I'll be able to stay awake from 9-11pm( my time). stress :(