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Online Teaching Consultants Needed


My name is David Gravelle. I have recently become a Value Added Reseller of EZ-Robots.

I am asking if any of you would be interested in delivering online webinar classes to students ages 10-18?

My company, Famulus Robots, is bundling the Revolution Series of robots with STEM based curriculum training for middle and high school students.

I will pay you for each 1 hour video you produce and additionally for every student who completes the class.

Email me at


Famulus Robots


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United Kingdom

I would be the first to step forward but if they are to be live that's going to be incredibly difficult for me. Although if you want some pre-recorded I'd certainly be interested in finding out more.


My immediate need is for 5 boot camp videos for new owners of the Revolution robots to cover these topics.

  1. Unboxing - contents of the box, name and description of each (in-depth servo motors, camera, sensors, etc.
  2. Assembling - configurations and initial settings
  3. Installing the software on the laptop - overview of how the software works, how to install, description of the various programming windows, menu items and their uses
  4. Running your first program - Start a new project and create a simple hello world walking and waving routine
  5. Troubleshooting and general maintenance - Most common problems and how to fix them. how to keep clean, repair and customize.

We would set out a storyboard for each video so you'll have no problem making sure to cover everything. You obviously can record many takes so you get it just right and then edit after.


Hey David, I would love to help you.... My video skills are somewhat well.... not outstanding however.... How nice do you need the video? Is cell phone quality good enough?

If you're ok with that give me a specific video you want done and when you want it done by and maybe I can help?


Rich and Richard, good luck with this. I have met with David and he has some good ideas. I couldn't find the time to add this to my already very full plate.

United Kingdom

Would an English accent put your students off? I would certainly be interested in helping out.



Hey David. While I cant commit to being the training instructor leader, I would be happy to come to your facility and teach from time to time. Some hands on time with the students in Edmond could be pretty helpful. I could also do a train the trainer thing for out. If you wanted to record this, you would be able to. You have my contact information. let me know if you would consider this or not.