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On/Off Switch

howmany amps is the on/off switch from jd?

anyone knows this?



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I don't know, but I am curious, how many amps were you thinking of connecting to it?
Amps aren't given they are drawn... If you are powering an led then you need only thin wiring and a tiny switch no matter how big the power source is... If you are powering 12 servos you will need thicker (lower gauge) wiring and a higher amp rated switch....

the new switch is 12 deepx19x13 so it will fit jd.it is 6 amps

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United Kingdom
HD servos can draw as much as 3 amps each. Calculate how many amps your peek demand is likely to be and select a switch which is rated above that.
here some update my idea.still waiting for the cable arrive.but i have the swichs,
so i tested some things.the switch is for 12 volts.jd will keep his original batt.
that comes on number 1 off the swich.second batt off 2200mah leg outside,
so what is the idea is to at extra wire with female jack comes out off the chest.
on that cable comes dean connector and connec the batt outside.
you can only use one at the time.let say you need longer time for programming,
set the switch on to number 2 and you use the batt outside.
here a drawing and video.

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nomad, you're turning into a serious scientist :). The Mad Belgium Scientist we should start calling you!
Hey nomad,

Nice idea. Your like a electronics's detective. Always looking for the inside way thing's work. Wasn't Hercule Poirot, the famous detective from Belgium? You may be a relative of his.

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As far as the switch; I seriously doubt that you'll blow it out. These things will take a lot of abuse. If it starts getting warm then it's time to upgrade. Best way is to size your switch to tha amps your going to draw but from your question id sounds like you already know this.;)

the mad B scientist hehe


switch is 12 volt, 6 amp ,i dont know howmuch the switch off jd is.
i only know all pics are for 12 volts.

for hercules poirot is sure as ugly as me, haha
6 amps is pretty good size. Just remember a electrical circuit is only good enough to handle as much as it's lowest rated component. As an example; Lets say you have a circuit with a switch rated at 6 amps and wire connecting everything that is rated to carry 10 amps but have a 20 amp fuse installed You should only install equipment that pulls no more then 6 amps through the circuit. Also the 20 amp fuse would be useless and should replaced it with a fuse that is rated at 6.5 or 7 amps.

As far as Hercules; he does have a cool looking mustache. Don't know what you look like but maybe a "stach" would turn the ladies eyes your way. If not I love this quote from a great Canadian philosopher named Red-Green. This advice has worked for me all my life:

"If the woman don't find you hansom, they should at least find you handy". ;):D

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its an original jd robot.

well the ladies find me very handy in averythng...............:)
i wasn content with the cable male&female jack,to thin.but i found one 5 A
also i found on ebay 2200 mah original batt we use here.
am gonna use the ez mip for this cause he will allreddy use power,
to keep standing up.

new cable

User-inserted image

first cable

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