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Omnibot Hack Begun

Inspired by DJ and so many of you out there, I have finally begun my omnibot hack. While awaiting the arrival of my EZ-Board and camera I have disassembled, washed, and painted the little guy. For making mods to the body (ie. the head to rotate and the arms for servos) I found that I had much more control by putting my dremel bits in the drill press on high speed than I did using the dremel. Shaky hands haha. I have decided to make one arm completely controlled right down to an articulated claw, while the other will simply move at the shoulder. I hope to take some pics tonight to upload (as soon as my camera's battery charges haha). Then I know I will be bugging you all for help with the programming (definitely my weak area).

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Ahh I had my omnibot ( Dobby ) in bath today :)
And tomorrow I will order the electronics for Dobby.
He needs a brain, some movements for every joint and hands.

Building is fun but the programming is also fun:)

HAve a lot of fun !!!
Sweet! It's an omnibot and wall-e party. I think we're making omnibots popular again:D
Hi DJ, I am also doing the omnibot hack and I am having some problems I hope someone can help me.
The servo for the arms and the head are working great. However I am having problems with the eyes.
I would like to be able turn each eye on and off or change the color of the eyes. I have tried to make them a digital but that did not work. I have also tried to use them as servo's that did not work.
I am following the instructions but I can't get it to work they light up but I cannot turn them off

The second question is I have a 6v battery for the omnibot how can I connect it to the ez-robot and still be able to charge it.

I thank that EZ-Robot is the best thing ever. I am loving it.

United Kingdom
The LED eyes in my Omnibot are hyperbright ones but any LED will work. You use the outside wires of a servo lead not the middle lead cut that out and use the set digital command on the EZ-B or to vary the brightness you can use an analog port I expect you know LEDS only work one way round but you won't damage anything if you get it wrong. I have fixed colour LED's to change colour you would need to use something like the BlinkM device and the I2C bus. I connect my battery via a kill switch to the EZ-Board then to the socket on the back of the Omnibot. The charger plugs straight into the socket and it will charge the battery and run the EZ-B Board at the same time if you want or you can switch it off and it just charges.

I will see if I can post a diagram or pic tomorrow for you
Thanks winstn60 for your help I will check back latter to see if you have posted any thing.

Buster loves your car.
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Busters ride.
DJ loves our cars too.
Here I go again. Do Not Hijack Threads
My bad.
bret.tallent I'm so sorry your thread got taken over. This is a great example of what NOT to do guys!:) I'm laughing at horribly off track this thread went haha. Pictures of cars? What! Questions about eyes and servos? Hahaha, make a new thread people!

I can't easily answer anyones question in here, it's too confusing:)
United Kingdom
Opps my fault (partly) I thought I was answering bret.tallent's thread *blush*

New Thread started for BC