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Ai Software

I am looking for some information on AI software. I remember reading some were about Leaf and I have no clue about it. I would like to start some kind of AI software on my laptop just to play around with it. At some point (soon) I would like to build a robot that has AI and an on board computer (something real small). I dont know where to start?...

Bad Bluetooth On The Ez-B Board

Hello everyone, I have a problem the Bluetooth on my EZ-B board. When I tried to modify it for an antenna. To make a long story short I messed it up and now it does not work. Can anyone tell me were I can buy a new Bluetooth for the EZ-B Board. Thanks BC *stress*
Omnibot Using Servos To Open A Door And Sliding Out.

Omnibot Using Servos To Open A Door And Sliding Out.

I have been working off and on with my Omnibot. I have to problems now one is my fault and the other is lack of...

How Can I Change My Email Address In My Settings

Sorry to bother everyone with this but I can not find any information on how to change your email address. If you can help it would be great. BC

Having Problem With The Forward.

Hello Guys, Can anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong when I use the Forward command in a script. This is what I am doing. Sleep(1000) Forward(slow) I have even tried Forward([Slow]) I get the same error message. Error message Syntax ERROR on line 2: Slow is not a valid speed. Expecting Fastest, Fast, Slow, or Slowest. This was just a test...

Problem With V 2012.01.15.00

Hi Guys, I hoping that someone can help me. I was running ARC Software V 2012.01.03.00 I have no problems connecting to the Bluetooth and loading my project. When I went to version 2021.01.15.00 I can load my project but I cannot connect to the Bluetooth device. If I load a new blank project or one of the examples, I can connect to the Bluetooth...

How Do I Wire The QRD1114 IR Sensor

Hello everyone, This is a great site and the EZ-Robot controller is the best. Thanks DJ for all your hard work. For my first robot I am doing the Omnibot. Winstn60 helped me with the wiring of the battery, Thanks again Winstn60. Now I need help with the Floor sensors. Can someone show me how the QRD1114 IR Detectors for the floor is wired? I could...
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