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Omnibot 2000 As An Adult

Omnibot 2000 with original functions plus an ez b controller
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. it uses an omnibot 2000 and an omnibot torso for added height.The eyes are 2 usb logitech usb cameras.Inside top of the head is a Chumby internet touchscreen for streaming music and radio stations.Front of robot has an android tablet.Left arm and drive base use ezb controller.

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United Kingdom
Oops, I guess I should look before I post:)

As said in the other one, cool idea of using 2 torsos
Good Job! I like the idea of putting eyes bulging. Cool.
Amazing ! Nice piece of work, congratz! Videos ?
This project is a lot of fun.I will post additional pictures and info..The upper torso is supported to level with a 6inch support bar that is bolted to lower section...

Would love to see pictures of how you added the 6inch support bar....thanks....it's looking great!
I love these large Omni2000s!
Here are some photos of torso mount
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User-inserted image

User-inserted image