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Resolved Resolved by jstarne1!

Omnibot 2000 Arms Servos

I currently have MG995 servos in the shoulders. When running off a 12v 7a battery without the forearm and claw attatched I can get his upperarm to go up and behind his head fine. When I add his forearm and claw and try the same thing and the arm slips back down when I try this. Do my servos not have enough torque? Or not getting enough power? Attached is a rough idea of what im trying to do. I would like the arms to hold above his head for roughly 10-20 seconds. The claws will not be moving just there for show for now.
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Hi there!
Sorry, this is off the wall, but do you still need the original motors and gears? Jstarne helped me out with parts from his projects but Id love to have some spares for my Omnibot2000s just in case!
Pls get back with me.
Yes, I do . I kept all his original parts
Probably. I'd buy stronger servos, or try the dc motor idea ameralis used in his lexi project. If you can, try to lighten the arm, whether that's grind away some plastic.

Another thing. Are you using an ez-b v3? Is the servo wired directly into it? If its run directly off the ez-b v3, the servos getting low amperage, and 5v. It can take 900mah and 7.4v.
Hi guys , glad to hear you are modding a omnibot 2000, i love those little guys! The arms weight about 2 pounds gutted. The elbow and claw you can get away with a tower pro but but the shoulder will have much more stress. You can buy a cs 170 and they are 333 oz in at 6 volts / 405 oz in at 7.2v or a power hd 1501mg 240 oz in at 6 volts/ 280 oz in at 7.2v

A tower pro will lift the arm with nothing in it but once it has to lift the weight of two servos plus the arms it is a different ball game.
@ Technopro Yes, im using ez-b v3 and running the servo off the board. I thought maybe it wasn't getting enough power but wasn't sure.

@Jstarne1 I want to double check before I order them but would you say the power hd 1501mg would be able to handle the weight, to do what I want?
Just moving the arm around yes , I used them on both my airsoft robots arms. They are.pretty strong servos. Use a adjustable voltage regulator 2 to 3 amp unit to drop the voltage from the battery to 7.2 -7.4 volts to get the highest torque out of the shoulder servos.
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This will be very short and sweet since it's late and I've had a few too many but one thing...

My hearoid (Omnibot 5402 body) can just about manage to move it's arms using MG995s, these are shorter and lighter arms than the 2000. I'd definitely upgrade the servos.

Does it buzz when it holds/slips? If so you are on or past the maximum torque. If not then check you have secured the horn to the servo and the arm to the horn correctly.
@ Jstarne1 Thanks just the info i was looking for

@ Rich Yes, the servos buzz which made me think they didn't have enough torque. Since i did pick up a omni 5402 ill end up using the MG995's on that
i love the 1501 mg servo, they are really good for a $20 servo. probably the best for the torque.
Hey! Welcome to the Omnibot2000 club! You need to check out Matt's project. He has it all layed out for you.
matt's omni

Also, d.J. has two of them. A little one and a BIG one. There are many in the Project Showcase section.

good Luck!
Any recomendations on adjustable voltage regulators? I finally have the cash to get everything I need. Also will I be running 1 per servo? Should I also get some for the motors in the gearbox?