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Ok So I Have A Ez-B V4 Wi-Fi Robot Controller

Now some questions arise that are most likely basic

  1. Need a power adapter. Did not see one in the power section
  2. Where do you connect to program the unit, do not see a usb port


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Hi asterof, the ez-b is conected via wi-fi to ARC program. I use 6 AA rechargeble batteries to power my ez-b, and most time a 7.5V 3 Amp power adaptor. Just have a loock in the tuts and have fun. Regards. Paulo

  1. Correct, ez robot doesn't sell one... I suggest lipos especially if you are using servos

  2. You don't, the ezb4 is connected via wifi (at all times) code is NOT downloaded to the ezb4... All code runs on you pc or mobile device and data flows back and forth from the ezb4 in real time... Meaning your PC or mobile device is doing all the work... As mentioned all code and programming is done in ARC and remains there...


@David... The first link you posted... I have never noticed it before.... Nice, thanks!


Appreciate it, I understand it Thanks


Welcome to the forum! As others have directed you, the learn section is the place to start. As you have said, it's wifi so there is no physical connection to the computer. Wifi stands for wireless, which is a radio frequency - the same kind how your home internet works.

To start, click on the learn from the top menu. There should have also been an insert in the package that directs you to the learn section. There is a video on the learn section that explains what to expect and how to use it.

Everything you will need is in the learn section, including tutorials and programming tutorials. Have fun!