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  • 2016-01-08 - connected ARC to the cloud

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Threw In The Towel

Sorry to say I searched the forums and did some lessons, never did get it to work the way I wanted so I grab my UNO and ported the camera, ping sensor and servo and in about 15 minutes had it working with out having to be connected to a wifi setup. Just seems to clumsy for me, will ebay the controller and move on. Have fun Don

Camera Folowing Movement Using Horizontal Servo

So I have a Camera mounted on a Ping Sensor mounted on a horizontal servo. I tried several existing scripts but could not get the servo to move The servo in on D0 and the Ping is on D21. So what is suppose to happen is if the object is with in a given ping distance, then the camera will turn to view the object and the servo will track the object...

Having A Hard Time Figuring Out The Soundboard Verses Sayezb

how do you get the EZB to say a soundboard track using the controlcommand sends it to the headphones


When writing a script for speech exchange, is there anyway to have the microphone on the EB control module, or must it be on the computer

Wav File

is there a way to extract a wave file from a soundboard list Thanks

Ok So I Have A Ez-B V4 Wi-Fi Robot Controller

Now some questions arise that are most likely basic 1. Need a power adapter. Did not see one in the power section 2. Where do you connect to program the unit, do not see a usb port
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