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Obvious - Dumb Question - 7.4V Lipo Pack - But Most Servos Including Ez-Servos R

I am going to ask a question that has been gnawing at the back of my head.

I have searched around and I see yes's and no's.

If a servo is one of the many servos that gives you a torque at 4.8v and 6.0v

And the EZBV4 pins are unregulated.

Does the LiPo powering the EZBV4 mean that I need to only look for 7.4v servos?


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Yes, get servos that work at 7.4 v. Otherwise you will need to regulate them.
Okay - and after looking at the EZ Robot HD Servos, they are rated for 7.4v so now I understand the deal.
I use regular servos with 7.4V. No problem.
Minor over voltage of servos won't show a great deal of difference, but the life of the servo will likely be less.
Regular Hitecs are what you might be thinking of (although they have HV ones now).... They operate from 4.8v ~ 6V...