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Scaling Up

Lets say I worked out the Mechatronics/physics issues. Is there anything about the software in this thing that prevents me from scaling up. Like any issues with making a two ton Hexapod using the Hexapod logic.

Obvious - Dumb Question - 7.4V Lipo Pack - But Most Servos Including Ez-Servos R

I am going to ask a question that has been gnawing at the back of my head. I have searched around and I see yess and nos. If a Servo is one of the many servos that gives you a torque at 4.8v and 6.0v And the EZBV4 pins are unregulated. Does the LiPo powering the EZBV4 mean that I need to only look for 7.4v servos?

Pandorabots - Ez-Robot-Alexa

So given Pandorabots new platform, is the pandorabots interface effectively broken? I read everything, but it applies to the old pandorabots platform. I have a developer account but cant integrate the appid/user key concept to the ezrobot interface. Also, has any work been done to integrate the Amazon ALEXA service with Ezrobot? It seems like a...

Inverted Pendulum Status

Was wondering if anybody knew when the Inverted Pendulum module will be ready for primetime?
Bb8 Build Hardware Check

Bb8 Build Hardware Check

My First Attempt At BB8 movement and balancing will be using the inverted pendulum module with a kangaroo x2, a sabertooth 2x25 or 2x12 and motors with encoders...
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