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Object Recognition And Vision Associative Memory Demo

Object Recognition and Vision Associative Memory demo on the EZ:1 robot.

An example of the EZ:1, EZ:2 Ai core and showing associative memory working at vision level.

The EZ:1 robot is the robotic development platform for the forthcoming EZ:2 robot series.

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United Kingdom
That's awesome!
I agree with Rich, the Object Recognition and Vision Associative Memory demo is awesome.
The still picture of the EZ 1 holding up and determining the object, with his head turned, is an outstanding moment captured.
Well that is awesome! @Justin has accomplished his "facial recognition code" which is very cool as well....perhaps Justin can add in cans of beer or toothbrushes etc as well! :)
United Kingdom
Thanks for the comments, vision especially object recognition is the big game changer now that should kickoff the mass produced Personal Robotics market sector. If a robot can see (and identify objects) then it no longer needs to be in a structured environment and can start doing useful work. Added to this we have visionaries like DJ with great tech like the v4 (and ARC) and I am now sure we are at the start of some pretty exciting robotics that many of us have dreamed of!

I agree, this it what I have dreamed of.
@Toymaker Is your application recognizing objects based primarily on shape, text, neither or both?
United Kingdom
Hi Justin, the application uses 2 algorithms one for shape and the other for texture (feature extraction).

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

I for one, am very excited to see these developments.
Can we dream about download it like the Amazing Ez-face that Justin gave to us ?
Or... Something merged with ?