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Not Enough Coffee

Good Afternoon,

There is not enough coffee to keep me awake. So, I humbly bow down to EZ-Script and say, ugh, where can I get training on how to use. Gotta get the ideas out of my head and onto script to make things do what I want it to do!*cool*

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Mostly you can learn from studying the "script help" and "Cheat Sheet" tabs, but mainly, study examples made by others. Test how it works, and see if it you can change it up and make it better.
...or loading example projects that use scripts and having a look how the script was coded and what it does when it runs....
Just a suggestion. If there is something specific you want a robot to do... like for example." Roll forward ten ft , rotate 180 degrees then return" then describe it best you can so maybe we can provide relevant examples to get you started faster.
United Kingdom
As already suggested, I have written this introduction to scripting.

Also, check through the countless examples in ARC and in the forum (search, use the EZ-Script tag and the examples should come up, you don't need any keywords just select the EZ-Script tag).

And generally have a read through the EZ-Script Manual

There should be plenty there to guide you. If you can think logically it's very simple to script.
Thank You Rich! The scripting guide was helpful!