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This is the new little bot i will be working on I dont have a name for it yet still working on cleaning it up.....slowly lol

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Any ideas for a name


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Here is a short list of names I could think of:

Chip Alphie Cronos Zip Torg Huey Dewey Louie Proteus Hector Tik-Toc Evolver Weebo Bender Harlie Zeke Zac Zozo Robby Cye Solo Sid Lance Sparky Toky Zeebo Skeeter Kenny Rom Vester Dinky Seron Mojo


How about ... Eiflow .... mmmm ... wonder what that spells backwards?

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@rex, if that's a short list I'd hate to see a long one:)

I took a while to come up with Melvin's name since it is an acronym (Mobile Emulated Lifeform Virtual Intelligence Node), it's always cooler (in a nerdy way, which is the best kind of cool) if it has real meaning.


I agree Rich.

JARVIS= Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.

Wolfie, it could be as simple as that!(Just don't do Jarvis because there are tooooo many)



Mojo? We named our dog Mojo :D After the Austin Powers series of course


Im kinda thinking Little Smege smeege smeeg or smeag however its spelt lol


Just don't name him Rex for crying out loud :D:P;)


Looks more like a tin can than a rex lol Hmmm maybe Canner lol


How about Skeeter? I think I saw this EGG not back in sharper image a few years ago.... Then again they have had many robots over the years.


Yes it is a sharper image bot its the smallest one i beleave