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Asked — Edited

No More Jarvis!?!?! :(

Iron man 3 seems to be the last ironman movie so it appears to be the end of JARVIS.


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Fear not true believer. Never under estimate the powers Hollywood magic. I'm pretty sure there's going to be a second Avengers movie so maybe our buddy JARVIS is not lost to us just yet. One can always hope.
Jarvis is character that has been part of a classic lineup from the iron man and avengers adventures , you will see it all remade again in ten years :). Rest assure the next version will be even more high tech. No spoilers on ironman 3 though! I have not watched it yet:)
United Kingdom
He has not necessarily gone. Didn't you see the "Tony Stark will return" at the end?.. The Avengers 2 is still on the cards at the very least. What happens in Iron Man 3 doesn't necessarily mean Jarvis is gone.

@Josh, don't have high expectations, I watched it yesterday and found it a bit of a let down... certainly not as good as the first two. Only a few good bits the rest was a bit boring.
All I can say is that Iron Man suit must have some good "padding and cushioning" inside! LOL
That is the only thing I find annoying about the concept of the suit; with all the slams and blows it takes, Tony would have been a puddle of jelly inside after all that action.:D

All the tech stuff is really cool and I really like Jarvis. They needed to have more of him in the movie. I don't know who comes up with all the cool effects for the simulated computer displays but they have quite the imagination. I love it!

Watching movies like this always renews my dream of building the ultimate robot. It's like I'm on a robot "high" when I exit the theater.... Just wish I was as smart as Tony Stark!:P
United Kingdom
I agree we saw the film on saturday I was a bit dissapointed compared to the other two