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New User Tutorial Section

Have you seen the User Tutorial section? We have migrated all of the community forum tutorials into this new section. Your user community forum posts that were labelled as Tutorials have been converted into awesome tutorials. The user tutorials map to ARC controls! This means it works both ways, when users view the ARC Manual, they are presented with a list of tutorials which use those controls.

This really opens up the community to help create tutorials to help others. We're always developing new features, which makes manual writing challenging. The User Tutorial section enables the community to create tutorials which connect directly to ARC controls.

Visit the user tutorial section and check out your tutorials! Edit them and select the controls which each tutorial uses. Also consider adding new images, updating the descriptions and even add multiple steps. Multiple steps break down the tutorial to be much easier to manage.

With the hundreds of education schools using EZ-Robot, these tutorials will be used often! Over the next few months, we will be selecting the best tutorials to be used in our Education Package which will be distributed to thousands of educators and teachers to use in the classroom!

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United Kingdom

Hey DJ.

Yeah, I had a look at the new tutorial section, and it's looking great. Once I get lot of my latest build project sorted, I'll post a few tutorials I have lined up especially for this new section, and freshen up some of my existing ones and do some videos where relevant.:)


Yes it's a treasure! I found it about a week ago and have poured over them. Everyone seems to be something I missed ?! Excellent library! Thanks.


Thanks - it'll be super awesome once it's full of new tutorials. The wizard for creating tutorials is much easier than doing it as a forum post, even though it's somewhat similar. The part i like is how they link to the ARC manual. So when someone is looking for examples, they're all linked to the respective control.

Even right now if you look at the Script control, you will see a bunch of tutorials linked to it:

Neat eh? I dig it!


So very awesome! Thank you DJ and EZ-Robot not only for making such a great product but also really caring about what community members want, like providing this new tutorial interface!

United Kingdom

Really neat indeed. Nicely done.;)


i cant open mine?new user tutorial.


Waw DJ, this is a nice feature ! I'm sure many of us will enjoy it! Now that I have a 'little' more time I'll explore it as much as possible and pick up the thread again where I left. Scrolling through the content I can't find any VB tutorials. It would be nice if this would also be included. Anyway congratz with the achievement. Keep up the good work !