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New Project Begins....With Slight Let Down

Hi all, So I've got a few servos left over after StirStick, so I started building my new project and phase one was this mini arm. I got the tools put away and plugged into the EZB and fired it up and found one of my servos won't work, you can here its motor running, but no movement. I have to use the release command to stop it from running. I had bad feelings about it when I was assembling as it had no resistance while it was powered off. I'm tempted to pull it apart to see if it's just stripped gears, but I thought I would reach out to other users for advice on that. Also I'm not sure if DJ offers an exchange on this stuff, I just got it for Christmas so less than a month ago:(

Lets here what you guys have to say, and here is a little picture.

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Cool little arm! Hey, there are always going to be the occasional bad part. DJ is a really stand up guy and I'm sure if you just emailed them he would treat you right.


Postage may cost more than replacement man


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So I think I agree with jstarne1 about the postage since I can get a new one at a local hobby shop for 12 bucks. With this in mind I yanked it apart and found the culprit, but not before destroying the potentiometer. The real problem was that the motor was not pressed in all the way thus no gear mesh:)

So now I'm left with a good candidate for a modified servo. I watched DJ's video on doing this and he uses a 220 ohm resistor, however this servos guts look different and I'm wondering if you need a different resistance.

Anyone modified a Futaba s3003?


I did a quick search on Google and a few articles agreed that for a Futaba s3003, you need to be using 2.2k resistors.


Yea theres lots of great servos out there for cheap. So cheap there's no point in buying China offbrand , just get hitec or fireball and call it a day. Jr makes super high torque standard size derbies too


So the newer S3003 servos have a half sized circuit board, more compact with an IC and micro resistors attached to where the pot was. I attempted soldering the board but to shaky of hands for this little work. I will just keep the old servo as a motor and gear box now as I'm pretty sure I've messed the board:)

Put a new Hitec 422 in for 10 bucks and at least I've got something to work on.