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New Part For Six

hi guys

what you think off a new dome for six. sinds there is alot off room in the dome for a servo. iff you wanna use the jd ontop the six.(turning waist)

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There may seem like there is a lot of room but believe me, with the servo wires, camera cable plus any extras added that space is soon full up. Not to mention the EZ-B takes up part of the space and needs something of an air gap for ventilation and to allow the cables to avoid being crushed, kinked or trapped.


hi rich

i was thinking off making extra space on the dome.


Yeah, not enough space, for a reg servo but maybe a micro, and then again that's pushing it.. I'm putting two bodies together to get more room.. the secondary body will whole a full servo and six will be much longer..


miniservo is not strong enough to carry hole body whit arms. maybe make the dome higher.


@nomad... can you put the servo in JD's body instead? Attach it upside down to connect with Six's dome?



there is no room in jd body.choulder servo are in there.


Well JD's body at the bottom has 3 female slots, (left, center, right) and six has one female slot on the top, so to add a rotation servo you would need an Extension Cube to attach to the bottom of the rotation servo so you end up with 2 male ends (because the rotation servo has a female bottom) to join the bodies of JD and six together.

Or design a taller six shell so a rotation servo fits inside.


hi justin

yes a new design is best ,

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Using the clip n play technology is best. A new design is $50k minimum for injection molding...

However, if you combine JD and Six in that way you will have 2 EZ-Bs and 2 batteries, both wouldn't be required and therefore the Six base and dome, if being redesigned, could be made to suit the male clip better without being made taller, or even get rid of the base and dome, using existing parts you could add six legs to JD (I haven't counted ports used but it's might have enough on one EZB, if not it's very close)


I figured nomad invisioned the concept being custom 3d printed not injection molded.

On the Ezb port count, Six has 6 legs with 12 degrees of freedom or 12 servo motors. Standard JD configuration leaves 8 digital ports free. If you remove JD's legs that frees up 6 more ports. 6+8 = 14. 14 - 12 for Six's legs, leaves 2 and you add a rotation servo a the waist that leaves 1 digital port. 2 would not be required but you might want 2 ezb4s if you plan to add sensors.



something averyone can print. not a new mall.



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Yeah but 3D printing isn't for everyone... I for one am still not convinced by it and wouldn't be in any kind of rush to buy something that was 3D printed (although I am becoming warmer towards 3D printing lately).

@Justin, thanks for counting up (I was just off out so didn't get chance).


rich thats thru inclu myself ,i cant affort one.


you gonna make a model?



that is cool .

thank you


Very awesome Anthony! Thank you for sharing your incredible design skills with us!