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New And Confused - Control My Servo

Hi, im literally very new to this, i have managed to get the Movement Panel working and have put in another single server set it up as horizontal servo and it moves when inputting the moment values but i can get it to work with the control panel,

i have looked at the videos but i cant find any info on how to allocate a server to a keyboard key or where i can control it from. It doesn't work when clicking on the servo on the desktop...

Please Help.


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United Kingdom
Each control has a ? in the top right next to the X. Clicking on it will take you to the help pages which include videos.

You will need to change the movement control panel settings to include another servo if you have added the extra servo to your drive train.

There is a control for keyboard commands, these can assign a single command or a script to each key up and key down. These use basic EZ-Script commands such as Servo(D0, 90), Move(D0,Forward) etc.

Read the forums, check the tutorials, all of the information is there and easy to find.
However the best advice I could give you now is to build the EZ-Box Bot, follow that tutorial, it will cover the basics.
Fatty, sorry I'm having a hard time understanding your post. Can you ask the question again with more detail... Maybe a little more punctuation might help also please:)

We'll help you out:)
Oops, I forget us Aussies are hard to understand:)

Sorry about that, hope this explains my question better.

I have connected a standard servo with a gripper on it. I have used the horizontal servo control in ARC and configured the servo . During configuration the servo moved.

I couldn't work out how to assign keyboard controls so I have connected the Wi remote and have it all working via the remote.

I would like to know how to assign keyboard controls to this servo so I don't have to use the Wi control.

Any direction to the correct tutorial would be appreciated.

United Kingdom
On the ribbon choose Add
Choose Scripting from the menu across the top
Add Keyboard Control

The help page for Key Control is here

Basically, key control will use EZ-Script commands. The EZ-Script commands are to the right of the dialogue.

In the configuration of key control, when you click in the key up and key down boxes are little icons of a pencil on the right, click on it to open the script dialogue if you need to use multi line scripts for more advanced functions.

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Thanks for your help, ill give that a go when i get home tonight.

Really appreciate your speedy responses, I am really excited about getting up and running with this.

Thanks Again

You'll have to add a Keyboard Control. It's under Scripting. Then you click the little setting gear to configure it.
You can than choose what key you want to use and a Down and Up command.

I'm going to use modified servos for my pan and tilt and I like to control the camera with the keyboard so here is one of the keys I set up


ControlCommand("Script Manager",ScriptStart,"KPw")

$Pass = $Tilt
ControlCommand("Script Manager",ScriptStart,"CamMovStop")

#Here is my KPw script

Servo ($Tilt, 49) #Adjust tilt up speed 51 - 1

#And CamMovStop
Servo ($Pass, $PnTStop)

I know we're not supposed to had out easy answers but this is something I've actually messed with a lot so, I'm just excited to be able to help someone;)

[edit] It appears I'm too slow:( Oh well, I tried:) [/edit]
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It's all good info though @Antron007

Oh and you are allowed to hand out easy answers, it's just me who's decided I'm going to try and make people think (and by you handing out answers you are the one thinking too - you learn by teaching, at least I have)
@Rich, Once again my friend, you are a solid dude.;)
Just a quick update, from all your points above, i managed to get the keyboard controls working.

Thanks for your help, I am certain that i will be asking for more:)

United Kingdom
Good news!:)

Never be afraid to ask, there are no stupid questions and we are all here to help, guide you and whatever else is needed.