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Need Option To Use An EZ-Board Other Than 0

I am using the new Brushless Motor Movement Panel, and I have a need for that control to be on my second of 3 EZ-robot controllers.
My Lost in Space B9 robot has three different sections:
EZ-robot 0 is the primary, with the network hub, and is used to control movement in the torso of my robot.
EZ-robot 1 is used to control movement in the head of the robot. This is where I am using the Brushless Motor Movement Panel.
EZ-robot 2 is used to control the robot’s walk. This section will eventually have brushless motors in it, and it will need to have a Brushless Motor Movement Panel for it.
So, is there any chance we could modify the Brushless Motor Movement Panel to use any EZ-board? Or maybe get a Brushless Motor Control Skill (instead of Movement Panel it would be nice to have brushless motor controls for just one motor, like I have in the head of my robot. But again, need option to have on any board).

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Never mind.  I just found a PWM skill/control.  I can use that to control the brushless motor (it has built in controller with PWM signal).  Then use a digital on/off pin to control direction.
Great - that will work for you. 

just know that movement panels generally default to ezb #0. Very few allow changing the index. It’s documented in the Movement Panel manual. It’s a good design to use #0 for the movement. This is because your movement of a robot is pretty much static - and the most important. Meaning, movement doesn’t grow to additional requirements and ports. 

Other ezb indexes can be used for limbs and grippers etc. This is because your robot may scale with additional peripherals. So adding additional ezb indexes is easy when the first ezb index #0 is dedicated to movement.