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Latest submissions

Roboclaw Packet Serial Comm

Roboclaw Packet Serial Comm

Has anyone written a skill or script that will support the RoboClaw Packet Serial Mode communications? Specificly, a skill/script that can set the motor speed,...

Packet Comm With Iotiny

Can the camera port on the ioTiny be used for two-way serial communications, or is the ioTiny limited to only simple (one-way) serial comms?

Connecting Using Broadcast Name

I know that DJ Sures has recently created skill EZB Connect by name.  But it seems to use the default internal name, and not the user specified broadcast name.  Could we get a option or similar skill that connects using the unique broadcast name?

When Is The Next Update Of ARC Exspected To Be Released?

When is the next update of ARC exspected to be released?

How To Suppress Print Outputs On Scripts

Is there a way to suppress the printing of Start, Done(timestamp) when a script is executed? I am building a state-machine interface with EZ-scipt, and I want to make it as fast as possible, eliminating any unnecessary prints.

Need Option To Use An EZ-Board Other Than 0

Dj, I am using the new Brushless Motor Movement Panel, and I have a need for that control to be on my second of 3 EZ-robot controllers. My Lost in Space B9 robot has three different sections: EZ-robot 0 is the primary, with the network hub, and is used to control movement in the torso of my robot. EZ-robot 1 is used to control movement in the head...

How To Stop Auto Arranging Of Controls

Every time I startup ARC, my controls are moved from where I left them when I saved the project.  This if very frustrating as I spend 20+ minutes trying to get the controls arranged is a way that makes it much easier to find and use controls. Is there a way to have ARC remember control layout and not do the auto arranging?

Interfacing With Roboclaw Controllers

I am using a RoboClaw 2x7A DC motor controller.  It has a .dll file containing functions to access the controller. My question is, how can I interface the ARC software with the RoboClaw .dll library? I see that there is a tutorials for creating a new .dll, but I just need to be able to access an existing one.
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