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My 3D Design For The New Io Tiny Board

This is just a simple mock up... I am sure it will need tweaking. I designed it according to the board dimensions that @Jeremine posted in another thread ( )... Since I actually don't have an IoTiny to work from, I am sure (as mentioned) I will need to adjust the design a fair bit... Io_Tiny_BetaV4_part1.stl Io_Tiny_BetaV4_part2.stl

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


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Looks good, will you share the sti files once you have a Lotiny and adjust the design to suit.


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May be Jeremie would send you a pro-type to work with? ;)


First, it looks awesome!

But, how did you manage the tapered edges/sides in TinkerCad? Or does it just look like there is one?


Post the files and I'll try it out:)


@DJ... They are not finished (there are probably some errors in the stls as well) but I will post what I have so far..

@Justin... I actually used the ezb4 STL shell(s) and manipulated them... I haven't figured out an easy way to filet or taper edges yet in TinkerCad... I know that option is in OnShape, however...


Hey @RR, that's a nice enclosure!

Here's a bit of feedback:

The length dimension needs to grow a little from ~40mm to ~45mm

User-inserted image

The top enclosure seems to bottom out on the barrel jack, so it may need to grow in height or a cutout may need to be added.

User-inserted image

The cutout on the camera/i2c/speaker connector side may need to go further to the edge

User-inserted image


Oh I forgot to mention that if you could reverse the artwork to be recessed instead of protruding it would make it a little easier to print;)

Anyway, I'll leave the artistic interpretation in your hands as you may like the look better that way. I was just lazy and didn't want to dig out the supports so I printed it upside down lol.


Thanks for the feedback Jeremie.... I'll see what I can do... However, I might actually need to wait to get one to really get a perfect fit for it...



@Jeremie... If you guys have time can you test fit these? I will worry about the details later, just want to get the dimension's and layout correct... Io_Tiny_BetaV4_part1.stl Io_Tiny_BetaV4_part2.stl No worries if you don't have the time, I can wait to get the Tiny in order to perfect it...

Thanks Richard


Hey Richard,

The new design fits great, awesome work!

I'll post some pics once I get a print that looks nice:D

I'm just messing around with resolution and orientation at the moment.

P.S. Where the mounting holes designed for servo screws? They seem to fit well.


@Jeremie Ha, ha... The mounting holes were a guess-ti -mate... I copied the size of the screw lugs from the injection molded EZB4 case...

P.S. I print the top portion upright (lettering facing up). It produces a lot of support material which needs to be removed but it prints the top of the case nicely... I am able to do this because support material produced from my UP printers removes quite easily. I do understand that some printers especially when using PLA produce support material that is next to impossible to remove...

Thanks checking this out for me...


So I tried printing the enclosure top facing downward and upward and here are the results:

User-inserted image

There was a lot of support material to remove when printing it facing upward and Makerbot's supports don't come off very easily, which is too bad. That being said, I much prefer the look of the artwork with this method.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

I purposed omitted one of the screws because that particular mounting hole is close to the WiFi antenna and it's best not to have metal near it as it might effect the signal. Maybe having a plastic pillar in that corner would be best.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Thanks again Richard for designing this! it makes my IoTiny very pocketable:D


Thanks @Jeremie for doing this for me... I am going to make a few more minor changes and post the final version here....



Hi Richard. Did you ever finalize this design. I have my order for Tinys in and would like to use your case.

Thanks for the design.



@ANDY ROID.... I am waiting for mine as well so the design I uploaded in post 12 is the most recent. This is until I get my ioTinys then I will see if anything else needs to be tweaked...


Hi Richard,

Thanks for the update. Mine are on the way too. Your design is really nice and fits me needs.



So awesome! Im late to the game and didnt know the IO Tiny existed when I wanted a smaller version EZb!:) I just ordered one. Thanx so much for designing this sweet case for it!


Hi Richard, Did you ever make the final design with the post hole? I haven't searched anywhere else in the forum for the .stl's. Just curious. I am planning a new project which, using a case for protection is a good idea, and wanted the final case design.

Thanks for sharing the case .stl's


Thanx so much! I printed one for mine. BTW, what size screws do I need for this?

User-inserted image


I don't know the exact size but you can use the screws that come inside servo hardware baggies.


@RR333 As Jeremie suggested you can use the screws that come with servos... I use a bit of double sided tape or foam under the ioTiny to secure it and then just gluing the case together... I use abs so a bit of acetone glues it together great...


cool. Mine seems to almost snap together fine so the servo screws should be fine. Thanx!:)~