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Yes. The hands on my planned android use the same method which means the fingers can move and the servos can be within the forearm which has more space than in the hand.

There are videos on youtube of those hands being controlled by servos along with videos of the robot hand gripper toys (the ones where all 4 fingers grip when you pull the lever) that have been modified for each finger being controlled by a servo.



great find,love it.


@Rich Look close there are no servos. the muscle wire contracts and expands on current levels. This is a bit different than the tech your talking about. where servos run wires. these wires are moved by voltage levels


I bought muscle wires back in the late 90's. They contract very little and pull a very light load. They seem so promising, but I have not found them to be practical for anything.


How strong are these muscle wires... Or is the movement just basically for show?

Just curious....


I'm not sure , just now looking into it.

this is a link i found. they seem to have many thicknesses so I'm thinking there are different strengths.

Link to wire

according to this description you can get wire that can hold 4.4lbs.

High quality Flexinol® Muscle Wires® are made in the U.S.A. and come in two activation temperatures; high temp (HT) that activates at 90° celsius and low temp (LT) that activates at 70° celsius. Choose from ten different diameters; from the super small 037 (like a fine human hair) to the new super-hefty 375 that can lift two kilograms (4.4 lbs)!